This Awkward Moment At Microsoft's E3 Conference Is Just The Best

Kotaku - Technical difficulty struck the Microsoft E3 press conference this morning just as DICE was preparing to show off a trailer for Battlefield 4. The resulting awkwardness was amazing. Check it out above. Poor guy. "We will start over."

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NeverEnding19891932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Yeah, that was funny.

But DAMN Battlefield looked sexy. Looks like I'll be buying on X1 for the DLC

DoomeDx1932d ago

It looked good. But it also looked very boring. The SP that is.

MP could be awesome

egidem1932d ago

It's very clear that he was addressing to the Call of Duty crowd, not the Battlefield crowd.

badz1491932d ago

I was thinking it's definitely the CoD curse LOL!

and to be honest, THAT was disappointing, coming from DICE! that was no BF, it's a CoD in disguise!

gta28001932d ago

So many fails in this conference. It seems like it was put together last minute. I'm willing to bet the original conference was gonna be all about TV stuff but since they got so much criticism they put together this half assed conference.

Septic1932d ago

I was laughing my arse funny! He almost left the stage!

coolvibu931932d ago


It was announced weeks ago, at the same time as the reveal that e3 was all going to be about games so no they were not going to talk about tv anyway

1932d ago
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majiebeast1932d ago

Looks like BF3 on PC using medium settings.

adorie1932d ago

F1 key in the trailer. GG PC footage.

Dark_Overlord1932d ago


For SP yes, however they never mentioned the MP, I wonder if that'll be lower?

TXIDarkAvenger1932d ago


Almost every game demo at E3 or console announcements is computer based. Final games, dev kits, etc are not finished for the consoles at this point. They don't have the capability to show it on the console at this point. I mean, it is still stupid, but also makes sense.

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abzdine1932d ago

doesn't matter it's live show risk!
i congratulate them it was all about games but too bad lots of CG trailers and lots of shooters.
if PS4 costs 400$ competition is OVER!

Greatness awaits

egidem1932d ago

I agree. for $499, it's not cheap. It will require an internet connection. If Sony gets say at $399, it will be awesome.

abzdine1932d ago

499$ and dont forget another 60$ for Live and pay used games fees everytime ;)

Greatness awaits

Leio1932d ago

If 400 or even at the same price there wouldnt be much of a competition

Muffins12231932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Good chance they could go for 450 but if they want to really hurt em they will go for would be funny if sony is doing last minute price changes lol

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pixlz1932d ago

The DLC's only a timed Exclusive. I'd wait to see the PS4's pricepoint first eh?


brodychet1932d ago


but off topic the SP is always boring in Battlefield. But the graphics are gorgeous.

GraveLord1932d ago

That awkward moment completely ruined the demo for me. I mean talk about killing the hype.

StraightPath1932d ago

damn were are the haters now?! this was a spectacular show will sony match this greatness?!

NeoTribe1932d ago

First off that was far from spectacular. Secondly there is not enough game footage or exclusive dlc they can throw at me to make that locked down underpowered pc look interesting.

Zhipp1932d ago

All consoles are locked down underpowered PCs...

boing11932d ago

Sony will show 64 player mp.

Adva1932d ago

Only ONE DLC content is coming to XboxOne first. All others launch at the same time across all platforms.

Blacktric1932d ago

"Looks like I'll be buying on X1 for the DLC"

Thanks for contributing to the death of a once great industry, just so you can play a map pack a week early.

PrimeGrime1932d ago

Buying the X1 for DLC.. That is about the dumbest reason I have ever heard to buy anything.

Watch all that DLC be released on other systems later or be crap compared to others exclusive DLC.. Ugh it never will end.

DigitalAnalog1932d ago

No wonder COD did not premier their game, it would've looked so ridiculously embarrassing compared to what BF4 brought to the table. Now the game runs on 60fps only gut-punches IW more painfully.

RavageX1932d ago

Are you SERIOUS? I sure hope most gamers don't follow what you've said.

Considering everything that is going on with the new Xbox, I don't care if they were $200 and had all my favorites being released as exclusives, DRM is a no-go for me.

dale_denton1932d ago

he wasn't connected online of course.. damn you xbone!

1932d ago
TAURUS-5551931d ago

thats kharma MS...thats kharma

TBONEJF1931d ago


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kane_13711932d ago

yeah, but their conference was just funny, it was like the 2010 E3 they did, it was even weirder when they tried to say things like: hey man that was great shot, or what not during different games.
It was so obvious they are showing videoes as if they didn't even try to hide it.
DR3 thing was so stupidly obvious.
I really hope DR3 is a timed exclusive, and since it is Capcom I believe it is, although I'm not with the fact that it looks much more serious than DR2 but still I would rather be able to play it on my PS4 otherwise I will pick it up for PC!

FriedGoat1932d ago

how can it be serious when Adam Sandler is the main protagonist?

kane_13711932d ago

Lol, that really is a good argument, but it is serious in the way of colors, weapons that they showed you so far, the dialogs all of that, it is just a heavier tone, much heavier than DR2

arronax-11932d ago

Well they DID say "It will all be over soon."

EazyC1932d ago

You could tell that guy was about to go ape if that demo didn't start...

RandomDude6551932d ago

Sounds like Microsoft paying people to show up was true....they just didn't get the memo in time.

That-Guy1932d ago

Yep. Microsoft has lots of faith in their Xbox hardware I see...

EazyC1932d ago

Haha that comment is hilarious given my original comment said "that guy" xD

Vip3r1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I see the BF4 footage was on the PC.

Edit: Seriously, the backspace button was at the top right of the screen.