First info and scans: Sigma Harmonics

Square Enix has registered the term Sigma Harmonics not too long ago in the Patent Office, and today's Famitsu issue features first information on the game. For now we know:

· It is a Nintendo DS title.
· Scheduled for Summer release in Japan.
· Hiroki Chiba is directing (Dirge of Cerberus).
· Yusaku Nakaaki is doing the character designs (Dirge of Cerberus sub-charcter and mechanics designer).
· Kitase is producing.
· It's an Adventure RPG.
· You hold the DS sideways like a book.
· Development is 60% complete.
· Has a mystery/murder story.
· The game uses RPG elements (level up by experience gained from battles, etc).
· Story is divided into chapters, in every chapter a new mystery happens.

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PS360WII3764d ago

Yeah crazy. Murder/mystery RPG type game. I like that it's even going to have you hold it like a book. Hotel Dusk, Brain Training, and Ninja Gaiden use it why not more :)