Will Sonic Die if 'Unleashed' Fails?

Steve Wysowski from writes:

"There was only one game I owned for the Sega Genesis, merely one. I am not exactly certain if the reason for holding ownership of just one Genesis game was due to my family's lack of expenses at the time, or the fact I was only four and failed to even notice. But none the less, the fact I had only one Genesis cartridge thrown atop the large pile of Nintendo games I possessed shows how much I loved the game. I do not recall if I had any skill (I just received my motor skills a few meager months before), but I do retain memories of having large doses of fun with the title, and I want that feeling to come back.

Needless to say, that game was the original Sonic the Hedgehog, the first game ever to boast the world's fastest hedgehog on the cover. The Sonic franchise thrived in the early 1990s, as the game's then "lightning speed" appealed to the maturing generation of gamers of the time (as well as kiddies like me). It had some rocking music, a mascot that could detract thousands of pre-teens from their Super Nintendos, and was faster than Mario on speed. The game and its sequels were immaculate for its time, and because of the franchise' excellence during this era, Sonic has a permanent spot for himself engraved in the history of video gaming.

But as the video game world made its transition into the 3-D age, the Sonic franchise has struggled exponentially. Since the original Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast, the series has never produced a solid 3-D outing. In fact, with each title that has been released, the level of decline has become more and more sleep. Finally in 2006, a pinnacle of backbreaking inadequacy was reached with the Xbox 360's Sonic the Hedgehog, one of the worst releases from SEGA (or all video games for that matter) ever. At that time, fans reminiscing of the Genesis days with Sonic yore began to ponder the question "is this the end for Sonic?" did I."

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TrevorPhillips3650d ago

i hope it doesnt i love sonic games

kingjk3650d ago

Sonic is already dead, it aint been hot since 95

mikeslemonade3650d ago

Agreed, I consider Sonic dead already. So if Unleashed happens to be good then it will be revived.

spandexxking3650d ago

sonic died when he went 3D.

Hellgiver3650d ago

Last great Sonic game I played was Sonic Adventure. It was the first game I ever played on Dreamcast, and it absolutely sucked me in. I think one of the best things about Sonic has always been the memorable soundtracks, which I still sometimes listen to :)

Regardless, Sonic on the 360 wounded me deeply, and I hope they can get it right with "unleashed"

zPlayer3650d ago

i think that the only 3d sonic game that passed was sonic adventure on the sega dreamcast. everything else was horse crap.

yesah3650d ago

Even if this is a success i don't think he will come back. I think of this game more as, His One Last ride.

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inSaneELF3650d ago

I can't see this game being very successful unfortunately.

jamezrp3650d ago

Sonic's time has honestly passed. While I love the furry little guy, he simply doesn't have the appeal that Mario or other characters have. It's probably because his games have turned into mainly speed-fests that lead nowhere but to completing excessively long levels that have little significance or fun. Mario changed with the newer systems...Sonic didn't. It just pushed for more of the same until it became too much for the typical audience. I tried playing Sonic on the DS and found it horribly boring and frustratingly fast. What the hells the point of playing a game when you're character moves too fast for you to control properly? If they can fix that, then there may be a chance. Otherwise, it's been nice knowing you Sonic.

PirateThom3650d ago

I think this is Sega's real last chance with Sonic.

They've done nothing of note with the franchise since Sonic Adventure and that's when they were supporting a console.

I want to believe in Sega and I want to believe then can still make a good Sonic game, but I remember being hyped about Sonic 2007 and its "real sensation of speed" and what not, but it was just a terrible game. Secret Rings was only marginally better.

TrevorPhillips3650d ago

sega plz watever u do dont screw up :(

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