E3 2013: Metal Gear Solid – The Phantom Pain Preview (GamersBliss)

Shea Hoffpauer of reports on the highlights of Microsoft's E3 2013 preview of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain.

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StraightPath2010d ago

DAMN AMAZING SHOW MICROSOFT has redeem themselves so many exclusives! so many bombshells like Dead Rising 3 exclusive! damn just destroyed sony reveal show how on earth will Sony match this.

Microsoft just proved everyone wrong and put haters to sleep.

Greysturm2010d ago

Yes and no, they finaly proved that they have the games however they still haven't fixed the drm fiasco and that was a more pressing concern.

Cupid_Viper_32010d ago

Don't reply to StraightPath, he's been posting the exact same thing in everysingle article for the past hour.

Just click on his name and look up any comment he's made in the past hour. They all exactly the same as this one Word for Word.

Just damage control going on here.

GameCents2010d ago

Give it a break pal, you're doing too much.

TheSuperior 2010d ago

OMG Open world gave me goose bumps. Xbox One is here to kick butt today.

SheaHoff2010d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty pumped. I hope the open world format works out.

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The story is too old to be commented.