Xbox Live will work with Twitch

Microsoft has announced an exclusive partnership with videogame streaming service Twitch.

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NeverEnding19891928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Wow. Just when it looked like the competition was catching up to Xbox Live...

TheBlackSmoke1928d ago

A thousand 12 year olds streaming cod and halo simultaneously is a good thing?

1928d ago
WhittO1928d ago

ps4 has dedicated hardware to record/upload in the background.

if they have only just added this to XB1 then it must be taking even more resources away from the games!

mario191928d ago

Lol what competion needs catching up? Nintendo?

Sony is miles ahead of Microsoft

pompombrum1928d ago

I have to admit, this is potentially HUGE. Twitch is the preferred platform for many streamers and used by most big gaming tournaments. I think it beats Sony's Ustream partnership anyway. Still as TheBlackSmoke said, this could completely destroy twitch if you have 1000s of kids streaming cod every night now. It will make searching for good streams a real pain.

stage881928d ago

Twitch will also be coming to PS4.

There was an interview with the creator a month ago.

koolaid2511928d ago

You want be able to run twitch and the game at the same time on ps4

stage881928d ago

I don't want to but if I'm getting it for free I guess i'll try it out.

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-Mika-1928d ago

It looked really good. Sony has alot of work cut out for them. MS conference is really good so far.

Reborn1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

I'm not taking anything away from MS. However, when will mods actually get rid of Mika, and Neverending (your garbage is past delusional, its not even trolling), and how did they suddenly have a bubble overload?

Majin-vegeta1928d ago

Everyone got 5 bubbles.

OT:Meh i guess another Halo.

Count1928d ago

They'll get rid of them when they start getting rid of the tons of others just like them but on the side that you happen to be on.

ExPresident1928d ago

This is pretty cool. Twitch does a really good job for streamers, especially from LoL and Starcraft communities.

Whitey2k1928d ago

Omg copying sony or what with gaikai

YNWA961928d ago

No one copies in this industry!

1928d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.