What do you love about The Wind Waker?

ZD writes: Welcome to the third article in this series, in which we discuss our favorite parts of particular Zelda games. For you, MiniJen, The Wind Waker has been selected as this week’s entry. For anyone who missed the previous articles of its kind, this series is intended to focus on the positive aspects of the Zelda game in discussion. Criticism is welcome but not encouraged. Let’s remind ourselves why we love the Zelda series, rather than nitpick it apart as we so commonly do.

The Wind Waker broke new ground and expanded our imaginations further when it introduced us to several new things: the largest overworld to date, inventive battle techniques, and unique cel shaded graphics. While the graphics deterred some players, those who embraced the franchise’s new look were treated to not only one of the best Zelda games, but stories as well. Continue reading to see what I thought were the biggest strengths of this highly controversial title!

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