Microsoft announces new Killer Instinct game

Microsoft announced a new KI game today.

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xHeavYx1933d ago

That was kind of a surprise, game looks very cool

Jdoki1933d ago

That'll make a lot of people very happy

-Mika-1933d ago

The graphics could of been alot better but it looked ok.

Godchild10201933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

I'm sold on the Xbox One. I hope to see some real gameplay with a controller before launch.

I want to see someone playing the game with a controller and not an in game trailer.

mario191933d ago

That was gameplay. Games don't justify restrictions

TheBlackSmoke1933d ago

5 seconds of killer instinct and people are gonna say its amazing, take the nostalgia shades off and wait and see

darthv721933d ago

the future is so bright.....

I gotta wear shades...

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kingxtreme811933d ago

About damn time.

Too bad they glossed over it so quickly.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1933d ago

The engine looks terrible though. Doesn't really come off as a KI game. It seems more like Tao Feng.

Godmars2901933d ago

Well, it is a game called Killer Instinct. And it looks like KI.

Got your wish.

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The story is too old to be commented.