Ryse: Son of Rome confirmed for Xbox One

Ryse: Son of Rome was confirmed today for Xbox One, it’s the gladiator style game in the works at Crytek.

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jahcure1745d ago

this is the answer to God of War????

NeverEnding19891745d ago

LMAO, this of GodoW on steroids

Godmars2901745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

God of Quicktime.

Isn't this suppose to be a Kinect game?

Wondering if they're piping in applause again.

majiebeast1745d ago

wahahaha it looks like reheated kinect garbage.

loulou1745d ago

leave it out. that looked pretty good. i'll pick that up on launch

Utalkin2me1745d ago

Wow, was it me or did it have major framerate problems and the textures wasn't all that great.

mikeslemonade1745d ago

What a waste of money for Microsoft.. That game is looks like it's gonna be a 7/10 at best on gamerankings.

ABizzel11745d ago

Graphically very impressive, gameplay was only ok. I need to see more.

pompombrum1745d ago

Why all the hate? I was very impressed by it. All the automatic moves though looked a bit crappy but being able to control your own squad looked promising.

abzdine1745d ago

all ennemies have same face?? WTF!

thechosenone1745d ago

quicktime events confirmed! lame.

loulou1745d ago

sony trolls out in force

R_aVe_N1745d ago

This is Quicktime at is worst there was no real gameplay without a button prompt. Sucks you clear out any immersion you might have.

lastdual1745d ago

This looked good. It's obviously not trying to be GOW. Ryse is its own thing.

Yes, there were QTEs, but they didn't appear mandatory. And just watch, the same people whining about these QTEs will be praising Beyond: Two Souls before the day is done...

TheBlackSmoke1745d ago

Not to be negative but the gameplay looks stiff and scripted as hell, visually what you expect from next gen but otherwise unremarkable. Though it could all change...doubt it.. its crytek after all.

And I liked the use of the words exclusive AT LAUNCH, deff coming to PS4.

Boody-Bandit1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )


My son and I are watching the press conference and he himself said, "is it me or is this choppy?" I said, it's not you. it is definitely choppy." Especially when the camera pans around the scenery.

So far I'm not seeing anything that is graphically appealing. KI looked like this generations SFIV but with old school frame rates.

So far this is a very mediocre event. They need to end strong just to keep the few stragglers they have wanting an X1. I see nothing to change my stance on the X1. Not one bit.

1745d ago
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-Mika-1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Stop being so negative. The game looks amazing. Too many "QTE" but the graphics, presentation and gameplay looks solid. You can't deny that.

Prophet-Gamer1745d ago

It looks like crap. Bland graphics, bad animations, clunky gameplay, QTEs up the wazoo. Man, what a disappointment.

Bhuahahaha1745d ago

yup kinda look good wont deny it

wenaldy1745d ago

Mika, the game's bland as butter!!

AngelicIceDiamond1745d ago

This isn't an answer to GOW...

Its a totally different game.

Thatguy-3101745d ago

Though this can't rival GOW it does look like an interesting IP.

ThatCanadianGuy5141745d ago

I thought it was pretty good.Combat looked a little stiff tho.

FunAndGun1745d ago

thats exactly what I thought.

fermcr1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

It's a different game then GOW.

Looks good. Don't know about the game-play !!

JsonHenry1745d ago

Ryse! (of the quick time events!)

Veneno1745d ago

Did anyone else feel like this was a strange mash up of 300, Braveheart, and the invasion of Normandy?

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majiebeast1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Its like godofwar if it only had quick time events.

kingxtreme811745d ago

Looks boring to me. Still, I'm happy to see MS developing new, exclusive IP.

Nathaniel_Drake1745d ago

Crytek is 3rd party MS is not developing it

Veneno1745d ago

The lighting looked very impressive to me.

RandomDude6551745d ago

Looks boring like all other crytek games

Jdoki1745d ago

Combat looks a bit dodgy considering how long it's been in development, but everything else about it looks awesome.

Do the quick time prompts mean they've ditched Kinect integration?