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Submitted by Skater 2804d ago | rumor

Resident Evil 4 Classic Edition heading to Playstation 3 & Xbox 360?

The Horror writes: "I was sent this goody by a friend who works at Capcom's San Fransisco building. He spied an artist working on what appeared to be boxart for an upcoming port of Resident Evil 4 for the XBOX 360 and PS3 entitled "Resident Evil 4 Classic Edition". Details are sketchy, but from what my contact could gather, the game will feature Hunk more than before. When pressed further, they said Hunk would be getting his own story-campaign, similar to Ada's Separate Ways scenario in the PS2/PC/Wii versions. I'm attempting to get direct captures of the boxart, and not a quick cellphone grab but this will have to do for now. We'll have more to report on this in the coming days!" (PS3, Xbox 360)

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TrevorPhillips  +   2804d ago
ohh f*ckk yea now thats what im talking about :)
sonarus  +   2804d ago
if true great. RE4 was a great game but i feel they should be focusing more on RE5. If they plan to release it as a psn download for like 20 bucks or less then that is ok
InMyOpinion  +   2804d ago
I believe Capcom have more than 1 team of developers working for them. Probably a separate team handling this game, and one team handling RE5.
ruibing  +   2804d ago
RE4 was a great game, but Capcom needs to start concentrating on RE5.
MorganX  +   2804d ago
Never too much?
Think of it like GT5 Prologue, an appetizer to RE5. Most Xbox gamers have probably never played the series. I only played the original on PC and am looking forward to this. Though, I'll probably be getting it for my PS3, not Xbox. I also wouldn't mind the original on PSN or XBLA.
TrevorPhillips  +   2804d ago
the reason why re4 is coming out for both 360 and ps3 is because resident evil 5 is taking long and wont be released until october 2008 :)
Shaka2K6  +   2804d ago
lmao trying to play RE4 with the xbug 3rd60 controler.
That sandwitch sucks.
AngryTypingGuy  +   2804d ago
Yeah, why would you want to play with something that fits perfectly in your hands and has rumble? I just don't get it.
rCrysis  +   2804d ago
Leon Kennedy is awesome. Can't wait for some HD quality RE4. It was great on PS2/Wii/GC.

But I prefer Chris Redfield. It's been a while since he's been in action!
Fighter  +   2804d ago
This is probably fake
I hope this is real and it better look decent in HD or I won't buy.
Harry190  +   2804d ago
seems like it's fake.
Danja  +   2804d ago
yup it's definetly fake I don't see why Capcom would re-release this game on Next gen consoles especially with RE:5 ....coming in a couple months....besides I've played this game on the PS2 and Wii..don't need to a PS3 version....hurry up with RE:5 Capcom
LarVanian  +   2804d ago
Capcom, please stop this RE4 crap and just make RE5 ffs!!
madestar   2804d ago | Spam
RobertGonz69  +   2804d ago
Why buy this game that I beat 3 times. Rather play other great games. Looked great on my PS2.
masterdebator  +   2804d ago
Doesn't make much sense.
To release this so close to RE5.
KidMakeshift  +   2804d ago
This is probably a "sorry RE5 isn't coming out till fall of 2009, so here's this instead"
Fade_Walker  +   2804d ago
It would be awesome if it came out for Xbox 360, but they do need to work on RE5.

my god if this is true

Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube, PS2, PC, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Cellphone)...We get it Capcom! RE4 was great stop milking it!!
KidMakeshift  +   2804d ago
Ah, how many versions of this game am I going to have to buy
I have the gamecube and the wii versions
Kulupoo  +   2804d ago
I also have a friend who works in Sony tells me that later u can play 360 game on a PS3 and PS3 blu ray on 360/lol

what im trying to say is:
I dont believe a random forum poster with a very unclear screen shot, I would believe it, if its from either the developer or huge website like IGN, and even if it come out i wont buy it... since i have it for it for GameCube,PS2, and Wii already
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TrevorPhillips  +   2804d ago
i got a job to do and ima see it through ;)
TrevorPhillips  +   2804d ago
leon s kennedy aint finished fighting yet he came bak for more action :)
Cerberus_Hunter  +   2804d ago
If this is true (and i don't think it is) the only way i would buy RE4 again is if its really cheap...
Sesshomarux88  +   2804d ago
this is great news if true and loved it on gc this is going to be very sweet on my 360 yeah and I think every body is right to think that the should focus on RE5 but October is a long time away keep your hopes up it will come out this year
LarVanian  +   2804d ago
Yeah and guess what "n to the b" I still got 6 agrees.
devilhunterx  +   2804d ago
Another lame April Fool Joke
Sheesh I hate the last week of March.
littletad  +   2804d ago
Dear god
Resident Evil 4 was a great game, and inspired a boatload of action games like Gears and Uncharted. Now let's leave it at that and let it's legacy be judged by Resident Evil 5 and not how Capcom is trying every way imaginable to rehash this game for currency.
rushbd  +   2804d ago
it's fake
capcom doesnt even have a office in SF.
GETPWNT  +   2804d ago
RE4 in HD with in-game Live support, custom music streaming from a PC, achievements, rumble--f*ck yes. I just hope the PS3rd version doesn't explode LOL.
LarVanian  +   2804d ago
Yeah it'll explode all over the Sh!tBox 3Fix-me version. And then the Sh!tBox will explode with the Red Ring of Death!!!! LOL!!!
leon76  +   2804d ago
Ahahahahahahahahah, GOT@ZZFKD you are dreaming boy!!! Ahahahahahahahah!!!!
Phil Harrison Mkllll  +   2804d ago
You got your 360 back yet??? ;-D
Just make it for the PS3!
Why do it for the xFlop360 for???
If it was PS3 only they could use the next-gen Blu-ray 50GB disc up with stuff.
But because of xFlop360 LAST-Gen DVD drive we have to get less(like for GTA4) :-/
n to the b  +   2804d ago
nice comeback, dumb@$$. seriously, that was pretty damn lame...even for a droid like yourself...
TheIneffableBob  +   2804d ago
Capcom is milking RE4 for all it's worth, eh?
jollygoodchap8  +   2804d ago
If they add a ton of extras
(more guns, enemies and outfits) And make it look half-way decent in HD, and then I would get it. If its just a port, why bother?
Although Hunk's side of the story sounds cool. It's not enough for me to buy it though, I'll just stick with the Wii or ps2 version.

If they add a online MP to it, that would be a instant seller. Those Merc maps were pretty fun and well thought out. Unlocking guns/chainsaws/etc and outfits (new and old) in mercenaries and being able to use them in MP/SP would be fantastic also. Just a thought though :(

EDIT: damn...its fake nvmd
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predator  +   2804d ago
doh!! i would of bought that again just for the acheivements
Quickstrike  +   2804d ago
another RE 4 port?
no, no more RE 4 ports. Give us RE 5, or give us a remake of the 1st 3 RE with HD graphics. Its your pick, if I were you I would pick the ez one *cough RE 5 cough*
andron666  +   2804d ago
Played it to death...
Its perfect as it is on PS2 and Gamecube/Wii, so why dont they focus on getting RE5 out instead.

I have played trough it several times on both consoles, and so have probably most gamers.

I know its fake now thanks.
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cr33ping_death  +   2804d ago
awsome game, but played it to death already.
r1000  +   2804d ago
I started RE playing RE4 just a couple of days ago on the Wii...I have to get some use out of the wii somehow.. that and playing Warhawk will and any little game i have on the PSP will hold me over until MGS 4 comes out...
bigjclassic  +   2804d ago
plus I dont expect RE5 until Jan or Feb 2009.
*you heard it here first!!*
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