E3 2013: World of Tanks Comes to Xbox 360

During its Xbox Media Briefing event today, Microsoft announced that World of Tanks would be coming to Xbox 360. The game will be called "World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition."

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xHeavYx1893d ago

"Free to pay with Xbox Gold" lol, can't wait to see the comments from the people who say the PS+ games aren't free

dcbronco1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

PSN games are loans, Gold games are forever.


This hole "source" thing is getting boring. If you can't watch the conference or look at several articles on this site on your own then I can't help you. Or if you're too lazy to look I won't help you. Learn to think for yourself.

millgate11893d ago

Calm down, I don't know why I angered you. It wasn't my intention. You could have just told me, or have said nothing at all instead of writing that paragraph. No need to be rude.

dcbronco1893d ago

Thought you were pulling the new Sony fanboy nonsense where they want to see proof that they will still deny exist. Not angry. Sorry about the collateral damage. Here's the link.

stage881893d ago

It's not for me. Just reminds me of that dreaded level in World at War.
But good for those who like tanks.

FragMnTagM1893d ago

Dude WoT tanks is friggin awesome.

If you have a newer store bought computer you should be able to play it. It doesn't require a lot of graphics power on the PC to run it and it is free.

Don't hate on something you haven't tried, it really is a lot of fun.

millgate11893d ago

This is getting competitive! World of Tanks on Xbox and War Thunder on PlayStation.

American_Gamer1893d ago

This was surprising, and I mean who can complain about a free game? I love this on PC, cant wait to play the Xbox 360 version.