XboxOZ360 Gamer - Beautiful Katamari Review

Destined to be a cosmic dung beetle of dazzling proportions...

XboxOZ360-Gamer gets their hands dirty on Namco Bandai's latest Xbox 360 title, Beautiful Katamari.

SheekyAssassyn writes: "Not having had the privilege of playing any of the first Katamari games I was unsure in what to expect with Namco Bandai's latest, Beautiful Katamari.

In a way this could be viewed as an advantage, I'm approaching the game somewhat fresh and without bias, the downside being - if I was a great fan of Japanese adventure/arcade games surely I would have played one of the previous Katamari's …

So to say I was initially disappointed would be spot on; the graphics bright but flat, the King of all Cosmos rude, demanding and lacking charisma, and my character the Prince (and later the cousins you find) are without personalities..."

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why is there a reason to buy a 360 is 08 again?