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xHeavYx2015d ago

As a Playstation fan, I was surprised to see the Metal Gear trailer. They didn't announce any deals though

mikeslemonade2015d ago

Kojima you money hat! Exclusives are better than multiplatform.

Anon19742015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Looked cool. I wasn't really excited for sequels, but this looked like fun. Enough cheese in that video to feed a small nation, just how I like it!

Keifer sounded alright. Gravelly, just like it should be. Still odd that they switched it up though. Surely Hayter would have been cheaper if they just wanted a rough voice anyway.

Edit above: I'm not surprised to see MGS on the Xbox. It's not like the series has always stuck to one console or anything. Might help the Japanese sit up and notice the Xbox One, but that might be a bit of a stretch. Still, it couldn't hurt. If you think Konami "sold old" you haven't really been paying attention to Konami over the years. Most of their releases are multi-platform.

-Mika-2015d ago

Yep, Konami sold out. I wouldn't be surprised if they announced a timed dlc deal.

Doctoglethorpe2015d ago

Yeah, Microsoft are being tricky little bastards trying to promote an illusion that its exclusive. They will continue to do that through the rest of the show for more games. Unless they explicitly say an individual title is exclusive, it isn't. Phantom Pain will be on PS4.

And maybe its just me, but Kojima looked uncomfortable as hell on that stage. Got a chuckle out of that.

dasbeer882015d ago

Curious question but how did u get four more bubbles?

pompombrum2015d ago

Come on, give Microsoft some credit, it's nice that they are thinking about ps fans by advertising games coming for the new ps in their conference.

sunnygrg2015d ago

Nobody will buy Xbone for Metal Gear Solid.

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mario192015d ago

Lol what a way to open a multiplatform trailer

GiggMan2015d ago

Shocked me. Normally MS opens with Call of Duty. I was pleasantly surprised to see Metal Gear

kneon2015d ago

And a dull one at that.

zebramocha2015d ago

@gigg they did thin with metal gear rising.

-Mika-2015d ago (Edited 2015d ago )

Ya it does but my only complaint was the "open world" tagline. It was more like an linear open world. It just didn't seem like I can go anywhere I wanted.

mydyingparadiselost2015d ago

I think it's going to be more like open world 'levels' than just a complete open world. It still looks good but I would like to know more.

Muffins12232014d ago

Ehh looked really fun if you ask me....and how is he a sell out lol?Just because he showed his ip at a Microsoft conference lol?Idiot....though im sitll probably going get a ps4 instead of next gen xbox, this conference was not as bad as a I thought it was gonna be

aceitman2015d ago

Still want to see what it looks like running on Xbox one.

xBigxBossx2015d ago

They reset the bubbles for more E3 trolling

thezeldadoth2015d ago

looks awesome, love metal gear solid. graphically this looks better than any other next gen game seen so far. Still haven't seen anything that my gtx 560 couldn't handle from 2 years ago though.

horndog2014d ago

Lol! Got the same card mine is the asus gtx560 ti and I can relate. I was playing bioshock infinite on very high settings a couple nights ago and I really didnt see anything that said my card was outdated yet by watching todays conference. Will wait for the sony show to see if it proves different. Sure it will take on bf4 on high settings as well.

Aceman182015d ago

lol this game is coming on both platforms. you didnt hear kojima say exclusive to xbox.

Donnieboi2014d ago

WHEN is it coming out? Tired of waiting!!

imdaboss12014d ago

guys calm down its on the PS4 too..

GrownUpGamer2014d ago

LOL!!!! you fanboys make me laugh!

M$ is now the devil because Metal Gear is on Xbox One.

So all your complains about m$ xbox not having the Metal Gears series what happened with that?

Im going to point out this. PS fans here are just making the Breand of Sony seen as an Idol for the retarded crown on the video gaming community. Your actions here and other gaming sites are making Xbox and pc seen you as the worst fanboys ever.

GrowUp and become a gamer in the name of Lord Gaming i command you to come out and let them free of this ignorances. IN THE NAME OF LORD GAMING!!!

:D lol

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Nawert2015d ago Show
GamersHeaven2015d ago

Looks awesome glad its coming to next gen consoles.

GrownUpGamer2014d ago

" Looks awesome glad its coming to next gen consoles.
#3 "

lol because of that you have a disagree... only in n4g people! lol

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LOGICWINS2015d ago

@Nawert- We just saw incredible footage of MGS5...and your first instinct is to remind everyone that it isn't exclusive. Unbelievable.

socks2015d ago

You know why, right?

Cause the first thing we think is "I dont want to have to buy the XBOX ONE!"

Showing off games is great. They need to fix our attitude towards the system.

LOGICWINS2015d ago

Hopefully they mention the DRM stuff towards the end, if not, all these great titles their showing won't matter to the naysayers.

hkgamer2014d ago

Sadly.. I think I will buy a xbone if mgs is not coming out for ps4