Boobs, violence, zombies - could this be the best video game movie ever?

While video game movies are notorious for just sucking in general, OneeChanbara has potential. First, there's no Uwe Boll in sight; and second, the game's plot seems simple enough that it can't be ruined by scriptwriters who think they know better than the people who created the game. Which brings us to where the real potential lies: the game is about a Japanese cowgirl who runs around in a bikini gorily killing zombies and other creatures with her katana.

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GCO Gamer3739d ago

Hmmm.... i don't really know?!?!?

DarkArcani3739d ago

This sounds like a mix between Miss Bimbo (look at story below), RE, and Ninja Gaiden. Probably not the best VG movie though.

rCrysis3738d ago


i don't know about this one...

Big Jim3738d ago

I remember seeing videos of this game a long time ago, but then it disappeared. I assume it was a japanese only release. Probably a budget title.

KidMakeshift3738d ago

The games are horrible!

I still have the 2nd one in my pile of shame