Gamertell Review: Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition 2008

Gamertell takes a critical look at the first gamer's edition of Guinness' World Records book.

While the book looks great and features lots of pictures and tons of trivia, it seems to be a bit light on actual world records. It offers many fan style opinions and subjective accolades rather than a comprehensive catalog of actual records.

From the review:

"In terms of a comprehensive book of records, this rates pretty poor. It purposefully avoids list format to get in lots of quick trivia, fun facts and other interesting tidbits in a format that will appeal to attention-deficit readers. The result is not so much an official resource as a fun look into videogame trivia that offers plenty to read on the can when your handheld game systems are recharging. Definitely consider getting this as a gift for your favorite gamer for a birthday or Christmas. That way you can enjoy it before passing it on."

At the end the writer also includes a "Baby Gamer Mini Review."

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