E3 2013 - Rare Announces Kinect Sports Rival For Xbox One, First Trailer

Rare has been teasing that they have been working on multiple projects for months now and during the pre-e3 all spike access they announced that kinect sports rival will be hitting the XBox One this Holiday season.

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aceitman2010d ago

They said 13 games now instead of 15. Way to start

DeadlyFire2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Sony or Nintendo stole two of them now. Game on! :P

KiRBY30002010d ago

CGI. Kinect game. No gameplay.

first1NFANTRY2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

1 down 13 to go hahahahahaha

not a good start M$

Software_Lover2010d ago

I think the scanning is a cool idea............ WHEN I FIRST SAW IT FOR PROJECT NATAL!!!!!!

I'm glad they finally got it going. Now maybe our Avatars can match us.

kneon2010d ago

I wonder if it's sufficiently different from an old Sony patent on this feature to avoid a lawsuit.

Though historically Sony and Microsoft haven't gone after each other so I don't expect anything.

Software_Lover2010d ago

yeah, they don't go after eachother in that regard too much. Now if it were Apple.......... they would eat your children for a patent.

kneon2010d ago

You're right, if it were Apple the lawsuits would have been flying long ago. Even for something as obvious as this feature.

Godmars2902010d ago

Are they working on just one game?

kneon2010d ago

I thought I heard mention of another Rare game coming.

princejb1342010d ago

im pretty sure their working on some other kinect games because you know how much MS loves shoving kinect down our throats

DeadlyFire2010d ago

I actually thought they were working on a great game or something. This is a smack to the face.

WolfOfDarkness2010d ago

Nothing impressive until now .

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The story is too old to be commented.