Microsoft selling special Day One Edition of the Xbox One?

A banner spotted on YouTube suggests Microsoft could be selling a special "Day One Edition" Xbox One that give buyers special benefits for buying early.

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ogwilson1985d ago

I really hope there is some exclusive stuff for day one pre-orderers.

FunAndGun1985d ago

You get to play DRM free for the first 48 hours without checking in.

Ashlen1985d ago

It's the version where the severs are overloaded and no one can play because of the DRM.

strigoi8141985d ago

day one special..since its November trick or treat

Steven211985d ago

I mean... I'm not really too excited about X1, but i will probably be getting it day one. We'll see if there is something neat behind it. I would love a reason to actually keep playing it after I am done playing the one game I am interested in... Like my WiiU.

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