Game Informer reviews Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

How much do you love Final Fantasy VII? If your answer is anything more enthusiastic than "It's okay," then you absolutely need to play Crisis Core. Even more so than Dirge of Cerberus, this addition to the Final Fantasy VII universe expands the fiction and has a significant impact on how you view the events of the original game.

If you were to watch a movie and periodically pause it for five to ten minutes, you would, in essence, be creating an experience similar to the one GI had with Crisis Core. This may seem like an odd analogy to make, but this game's combat system is just as uneventful as a movie's pause screen. Most of the battles can be completed without looking at the PSP's screen. With enemies exhibiting the liveliness of a stuffed sloth and your character automatically latching onto the next foe, it's just a matter of tapping the X button in succession. Gameplay this poor deserves to be tossed to the wolves, but the game itself isn't a complete loss. GI enjoyed watching it. Like the motion picture Advent Children, the computer-generated movies knock you to the floor and smack you in the face with highly stylized crackerjack action. Zack's tragic tale is also the perfect companion to Final Fantasy VII. Once you play this, you'll want to jump right back into the PSone classic. So, if you've done everything but make love to your Final Fantasy VII discs, throw on your galoshes, because this story is worth trudging through the foulest of gameplay for.

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Danja3680d ago

This score is rather low coming from Game Informer ne ways im getting this game in a couple days...

TheHater3680d ago

Get the game. I am enjoying it on my psp right now.

Farsendor13680d ago

i can't believe im saying this but gamespot might have had the better review this time. im a ff fan though ill play just about any ff game no matter how crappy it is.

RobertGonz693680d ago

A buy for me. PSP is back.

mikeslemonade3680d ago

It's official that Game Informer is a bunch of Microsoft money hats. Thanks for ruining games Microsoft :)

GamerMan3680d ago

this review, but as others. I am a Final Fantasy fan and I will get this regardless of view because one of the reasons I do play them besides the gameplay is because of the great movie storylines that the majority of them get.

I guess some people just don't like a good story with their game and that's alright to me as long as I get what I want out of the game.

I should have this game by this weekend. Can't wait :)