7 Jobs That Are Better In Video Games Than In Real Life

omglist writes: "We all hate our jobs. Even those of us with cushy gigs like, say, writing dumb lists on the Internet, have reasons to complain about our J-O-Bs. Thankfully, video games are here to save the day-they take the mundane jobs that you and I are forced to do day in and day out and turn them into something awesome. If our jobs were anything like these, we'd probably work for free! Well, actually, no, we still wouldn't".

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kai_h3766d ago

I think a job that they missed that's better in a video game is a soldier in combat.

Bolts3766d ago

How so? Combat in video games is certain death, ever play CoD 4? Just because you respawn doesn't mean that you won't die a horrible, horrible, death again, and again.

quen_gta23765d ago

Thats the problem, you don't respawn in real life