TXB: Battlefield: Bad Company Multiplayer Beta Impressions

TXB writes: "When it comes to multiplayer shooter action, I much prefer my game types of the more tactical persuasion. I've played enough deathmatch and capture the flag in my day to choke a rocket launcher-wielding horse. And Bad Company's gold rush mode, on display in this beta is a really nice and simple objective based type of mode. Basically, there are two chests of gold at each objective that the attacking team must destroy and the defending team must, well, defend. Once players got the basic idea of what we were trying to do, battles raged intensely around the chests. That did take awhile as people kept trying to play team deathmatch. But the game got much better once everyone did what they were supposed to do."

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bumnut3622d ago

i played every battlefield game on pc and feel that the console versions are boring with only 24 players.

also, the graphics are average and the weapons are not very accurate.
i also object strongly to purchasing extra weapons.

i unloaded a full clip into a guy last night and he did not die.

i will not be buying this game