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Amazon ad proof that Microsoft is paying publishers to advertise games as Xbox One titles?

An unsubstantiated rumor by a trusted member of the NeoGAF gaming community mentioned Microsoft was paying big bucks to get publishers to show their titles as Xbox One games. If this Amazon ad is anything to go by, there's a chance that that rumor is not far off the mark. (E3, Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

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GamersHeaven  +   314d ago
They did this generation too didn't get them that far.
US8F  +   314d ago | Well said
Not surprised really, since most of the people like to be told what to think these days. I mean a herd of sheep can only be treated that way

I hope this console fails BIG. and if it doesn't blame yourselves when the shit hits the fan.
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xHeavYx  +   314d ago | Well said
MS can pay as much as they want, what good has it done to them in the past? I know Playstation will give me quality games
JokesOnYou  +   314d ago
lmfao, proof? bwahaha you guys cant be serious, so now micro isnt allowed to advertise? So all those past ps3 amazon ads are called what?= Just a business deal. lol, What are you guys afraid of?
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papashango  +   314d ago
wtf happened to Neogaf. When did it become so....

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ZombieNinjaPanda  +   314d ago
But there is Playstation 4 and The Last of Us right there at the bottom too.
Army_of_Darkness  +   314d ago
why is everyone making a big deal over advertisements?!
All companies have these ads, the only difference is that MS goes to the extreme to make us think 3rd party games are only available on their console and I'm sure we all expected that anyways...
Live gameplay demos is what I'm gonna be looking for.
EVILDEAD360  +   314d ago
Both MS and Sony do it.

At the PS Reveal, there were games you never knew were on other consoles.

On stage, Sony did a good job in the regard with Diablo 3.

Last year, the TV ads for Assassin's Creed 3 took the same approach MS does with Call of Duty, as the game 'appeared' to be exclusive to the PS3.

At the end of the day, COD games is the biggest game on the PS3 as it is on the 360, and Assassin's creed 3 sold well on the PS3.

Tee7soo  +   314d ago
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Ritsujun  +   314d ago
JokesOnYou's joking on herself.
The Meerkat  +   314d ago
They took 50% market share away from Sony. It DID work.
I don't agree with the tactic and I absolutely disagree with the direction they are taking now but you can't deny the effectiveness on the casual gamer.
MonkeyNinja  +   314d ago | Well said
"They took 50% market share away from Sony."

But remember that
- PS3 launched 1yr or later than Xbox 360
- PS3 launched at $100-$200 more than competition
- 3rd party games ran like crap on PS3 for long time
- (rumor) Microsoft added refurbished RROD consoles to overall sales, bumping up their numbers
- Microsoft spent TONS of $ on ads, timed exclusives, and PR

In other words, Sony screwed up and practically handed Microsoft this gen on a silver platter, but still came out on top in the end.
Qrphe  +   314d ago
>50% of the marketshare

It's like people want to forget about the Wii
B-radical  +   314d ago
agreed and to people who say ps3 released 1 year later who cares xbox had to build its name from 1 console before the 360 sheesh
Rainstorm81  +   314d ago

It didnt hurt the PS1 or PS2...and looking at the path MS is going down they will never have a gaming console as successful as either of those
wiz7191  +   314d ago
@MonkeyBootey Yeah but it took the a whole generation though it took them years to catch up.
Oh_Yeah  +   314d ago
@MonkeyBootey "(rumor) Microsoft added refurbished RROD consoles to overall sales, bumping up their numbers"

That's not a rumor that's a fact, as soon as consoles are shipped to retailer it's counted as sold...so obviously they had padded numbers, I estimate around 20 million... I know some people who have had 5! 360's this gen.
Hicken  +   314d ago
I could be wrong- I'm not- but I don't recall that the PS2 was at its current sales at 7 years old.

So, no, they DIDN'T steal 50% market share.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   314d ago
They took 50% market share away from PC.
ChrisW  +   313d ago
Both PS3 and Xbox360 have approx 77 million consoles sold. That's about half of the PS2's total sales. So, in a way, MS did take 50% of the market share for hardware. As for software... Well, that's a different story.
Ritsujun  +   313d ago
LOL @ ChrisW's kindergarten logic.
fermcr  +   314d ago
"Amazon ad proof that Microsoft is paying publishers to advertise games as Xbox One titles?"

So ?

Don't particularly like Microsoft, but lately they are getting all kind of crap from gaming "journalists". A lot of stupid and pointless articles. Do you expect Microsoft to pay Amazon to advertise a game and say it's on the PS4 and X1 ?

Sony does the same thing where i live. I've seen advertisements of FIFA on the TV, and they say it's a PS3 game (no mention of other platforms). Where is the article bashing Sony ?
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US8F  +   314d ago
@fermcr, Prove it!? your full of it and you know that. I have never seen it or xbox either other than exclusives. What I have seen is the type of consoles it would be on at the end of the trailer. I swear these Microsoft fanboys going around calling us fanboys when we reason with them.
Software_Lover  +   314d ago
You sound like a tool
fermcr  +   314d ago
"Prove it!? your full of it and you know that."

Let's see if you are man enough to apologize!


FIFA ad that only mentions the playstation platforms.
green  +   314d ago
He is right. I don't understand what the problem is here because it is standard industry practice.

In the UK, i have seen adverts for Assassins Creed, Battlefield 4 and FIFA that only made mention of the PS3.

EDIT: I can see that fermcr has already backed up his claim.
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US8F  +   314d ago
@fermcr I did not see this on my tv but you proving it makes me wrong. So i appologize for calling you a fanboy. Sorry, I have been attacking fanboys for a long time, I over reacted + bubble for the proof
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vega275  +   314d ago
http://www.youtube.com/watc... fifa

http://www.youtube.com/watc... assassin's creed

http://www.youtube.com/watc... frycry

now there's your proof that sony also does the same yet don't get half the flak MS does for what's call business.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   314d ago
@US8F buddy i invite you to see the Fifa 13 ads in europe


and i want you to tell me if you can see any xbox logo or even the controller.

Sony does it too or do you think EA made this ad for free?

You have to understand that sony as microsoft it's a company who works for money no for you
US8F  +   314d ago
@vega @RM Ok guys I admit I was out of places, and over reacted. I hate fanboys and seeing it everywhere made me be blinded on who is genuine and who isn't.

Again Sorry Fermcr
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JokesOnYou  +   314d ago
US8F, as much as I dont like your attitude I still respect anyone who can man up and apologize.
RM-TatoTiburon  +   314d ago
faith on humanity restored
Why o why  +   314d ago
Ha ha.....games makes us bond like nothing else..ha ha. Nice 1 guys
duckmysick  +   314d ago
The CONSOLE WAR IS IN FULL EFFECT BITCHES!!! LOL...bro's and soldiers of (console) war! Only half the battle has commenced.. Sony's is around 8'o clock. I personally didn't feel M$ E3 as much as some guys on here....BUT IF YOU THINK FOR FUCKIN SECOND THAT BOMBS WON'T BE DROPPED AT SONYS PRESSER..THEN YOU ARE FOOLISH!! p.s theres nothing wrong with being a fanboy..stand up for what you believe in!
Godmars290  +   314d ago
Worldwide. Was another matter in the US.

And all they seem focused on is the US. In all three generations they've been gaming, no matter what they've said or done.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   314d ago
I'll just leave this here.

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DragonKnight  +   314d ago
now we know what to look for.
stuna1  +   314d ago
But this could also give substance to the fact of why Amazon is saying XBone pre-orders are supposedly higher than the PS4's
malokevi  +   314d ago
stuna1  +   314d ago
I think the difference is here we're talking about the biggest gaming event in the country! Running a 30 second tv spot is really not comparable IMO!

Stage presence trumps air time every time!

If someone step on stage for a product unveiling, it kind of gives the impression that they are actively supporting the product!

People tend to gravitate toward the product that more support is shown for! In the case of Microsoft I definately don't think that's a good idea.
malokevi  +   314d ago

So... what's the problem^ If thats the case, then MS is doing exactly what it should be doing... putting its assets to work.

Putting its money where its mouth is.

1b in games, endless cash spent on whooing developers... seems like Sony will have its work cut out for them.
feeter  +   313d ago
@ stuna1 so I guess Destiny is only coming out for PS4 since Bungie was at the PS4 reveal... So Sony should get as much flack as M$... maybe not as big as E3 but similar... all companies do this bs
nosferatuzodd  +   314d ago
thats microsoft going down kicking and screaming and trying too take sony and nintendo with it thats the reason why i hate them so much
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killacal13  +   314d ago
Who cares if they buy what ever advertisement space they want, I never buy out off seeing a regular advertisement, I always look 4 the best product, informing myself before I make a choice, like it's supposed to be done, therefore PS4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
daedra  +   314d ago
didnt get them that far? microsoft didnt pay for nothing last gen in these terms and yet they came out first place
Jazz4108  +   314d ago
Who gives a crap what ms spends there money on when it comes to advertising. I only care about the one billion spent on exclusive games. Not being a fanboy here but I dont believe sony could even afford one billion just ont exclusives right now. Correct me if im wrong please.
titletownrelo  +   313d ago
there should be "rules" for E3, lol. Only exclusives allowed for SONY and M$, let third party developers display their games on the platform of their choosing.
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Flames76  +   313d ago
When you look at the PS3 loss of over 5 billion and the Xbox 360 bringing in billions of profit since september 07 looks like it did well for them.They both have shipped over 80 million consoles worldwide.The Xbox 360 owns america where 60% of the gaming market is.Yea you may want to get them facts straight
TAURUS-555  +   313d ago
unbelievable...these cheap b$%stards
Rearden  +   314d ago
Microsoft is resulting to all sorts of shady tactics now.
yugovega  +   314d ago
i've seen this from sony as well when some multiplatform games commercial is on and at the end you see ps3. it's business and if it lets people know it's on your system then there should be no issue.

granted it seems bad but it's the developers that are agreeing to it, and the developes are making the business choice so if it works then why be mad at the one giving the money? just like the doritos king. everyone still loves doritos but call him he sellout. think about it.
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rdgneoz3  +   314d ago
There's a difference between paying to have your name highlighted in an ad for a game, versus paying a pub to not bring the competition's version of the game to a gaming expo.

"The rumors are that PS4 versions of multiplats, by those who do take the money, won’t be shown AT ALL. Not on stage and not on the show floor."

Hopefully its not true at all.
Godmars290  +   314d ago
Except MS has repeatedly been know to do so more. FFXIII, when the game still sold more on the PS3, is perfect example of such even though it failed.
Death  +   314d ago
If Microsoft is paying for the ad, it will be for the Microsoft platform only. If the publisher is paying for the ad, it is for all platforms. Sony is just as capable of helping their publishing partners out. Advertising sells games.
CRAIG667  +   314d ago
Resulting? resorting?
Raoh  +   314d ago
"Microsoft is resulting to all sorts of shady tactics now."

What do you mean now? I always wondered why people never noticed that this is how MS gets down. This has been the case since as far back as I can remember in the days of windows 3.1.1 transition to Windows 95 and currently to date.

This is not a new MS this has always been MS.
greenpowerz  +   314d ago
I have proof MSFT has a brainwashing machine programed to make retailers and developers to block out PS4. Whenever PS4 is shown people see nothing and hear nothing when it's mentioned.

Neogaf isn't allowed as a source for the millionth time already.
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mario19  +   314d ago
Downgrade all of his bubbles before the big stories come out. This guys bull**** is on par with Microsoft PR
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yugovega  +   314d ago
why is his opinion less important then yours?

edit: just because he supports msft in all his posts doesn't mean that isn't his real opinion. most the people on this site defend sony with every word they type am i to believe they all work for sony? like everyone calling polygon and msft troll reviewer and they were paid off by msft? some of what he says does make sense without fanboy glasses. since i hve been on this site i see alot of conspiracy theories from sony fans and i really don't see it. then again there are those people who steal think 9/11 was an inside job too.
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MonkeyNinja  +   314d ago
@ yugovega

Obviously you haven't been on this site long. He is either an extremely dedicated troll or works for Microsoft PR.

mario19  +   314d ago
Opinion? Lol have you seen his comment history?
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JokesOnYou  +   314d ago
yugovega....because he's a self conscious sonyfanboy who's threatened by anyone who disagrees with him.

I agree he might be over the top but no more so than about 500 other sonyfanboys yet you dont see them asking anyone to censor their comments.
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greenpowerz  +   314d ago
This Just in
Breaking news. My same sources from Neogaf state that this brainwashing machine also has a mode that renders Sony helpless. It is said it will make Sony powerless to advertise their own products and make their own deals or book Streaming or TV for their presser etc.

The game Destiny reveal was a glitch, it worked its magic for Sony but was suppose to work for MSFT.
mario19  +   314d ago
-1 Bubble again on greenpowerz
brave27heart  +   314d ago
How did green "One bubble" powerz get all those bubbles? The mans been downgraded more times than anyone on this site.

On topic what MS is doing is simply called business. Might sound underhand or shady but dont blame them, it clearly works.

Now planting people in the audience to cheer your press conference, thats worse in my opinion.
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wenaldy  +   314d ago
Bubbles reset.
wenaldy  +   314d ago
Dont you love all these rumors, smug? It came from Neog*f..!!

I just rephrase on what tetsuhana (scroll down) mentioned to us already.

1. Confirmed Microsoft is actively attempting to get developers to not mention PS4 versions. If they don't say "OUR GAME IS EXCLUSIVE FOR XBONE" expect a PS4 version. #truthfact

2. More DRM messaging at Gamescom. There is no rental strategy. Try to sweep it under the rug and hope people don't remember.

3. Cloud power was designed as DRM. Period. DRM was Microsoft's idea. EA and Ubisoft are supporters, Activision slightly less so.

4. DRM plans are actually worse than what they've stated.

5. Mirror's Edge 2 at MS conference.

6. Prince of Persia (reboot?) at MS conference.

7. Secret Phil Spencer game = World of Tanks

8. Live paywall still there.

9. Dead Rising 3, and exclusive DLC for another Capcom game at MS conference.

10. No online paywall for PS4. Unconfirmed.

11. No DRM info for PS4.
#3.3 (Edited 314d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Redempteur  +   314d ago
"Neogaf isn't allowed as a source for the millionth time already. "

Thanks for the laugh..

You do know that many web-magazines are just Using GAF as a source of their news since god knows when ?
SpideySpeakz  +   314d ago
XBL Gold is required, also. No more XBL silver
M-M  +   314d ago
This is why you don't give greenpowerz more bubbles, now his posts are even more delusional than before.
KwietStorm  +   314d ago
Why are you so anxious to lose all your bubbles again? What is your real purpose on this site?
kingPoS  +   314d ago
Now it's time to prop that shield of your up and deflect.

Deflect I say... [reloads laser rifle and takes aim]

DEFLECT!!! [Pew! pew pew.]
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Wizziokid  +   314d ago
Of course MS are going to do moves like this, it's how business works, Sony just need to counter them
Mikelarry  +   314d ago
seems amazon has taken the page now

edit: op link is what does not work. link below

#5 (Edited 314d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
tetsuhana  +   314d ago
1. Confirmed Microsoft is actively attempting to get developers to not mention PS4 versions. If they don't say "OUR GAME IS EXCLUSIVE FOR XBONE" expect a PS4 version. #truthfact

2. More DRM messaging at Gamescom. There is no rental strategy. Try to sweep it under the rug and hope people don't remember.

3. Cloud power was designed as DRM. Period. DRM was Microsoft's idea. EA and Ubisoft are supporters, Activision slightly less so.

4. DRM plans are actually worse than what they've stated.

5. Mirror's Edge 2 at MS conference.

6. Prince of Persia (reboot?) at MS conference.

7. Secret Phil Spencer game = World of Tanks

8. Live paywall still there.

9. Dead Rising 3, and exclusive DLC for another Capcom game at MS conference.

10. No online paywall for PS4. Unconfirmed.

11. No DRM info for PS4.

VERY reliable source on neogaf

mario19  +   314d ago
DRM Microsoft's idea

Confirmed! They are worse then the actual devil himself
cchum  +   314d ago
At least the devil usually gives you something in return for your soul......
yugovega  +   314d ago
even if your source is reliable some people like spoilers and like surprise so try to tell everyone before you spoil. thanks.
Godmars290  +   314d ago
Sony doesn't need a paywall when they've got PS+. End comment.
greenpowerz  +   314d ago

As if people from MSFT or developers leaked that crap to anybody LMAO

*Somebody heard what publishers supported DRM at secret meetings*

*Somebody from MSFT told a source that cloud gaming was just a trick for DRM*

*games rumored for weeks is proof all this is correct?*

*Hears/knows everything about MSFT but only the good news from Sony*

Lots of nervous energy on the web LOL
#6.4 (Edited 314d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
kingPoS  +   314d ago
greenpowerz used confusion - it was deflected.

♫Gotta Catch'em All♫
Death  +   314d ago
Why is DRM so evil? I'm not so sure I'm against developers and publishers getting paid. I can easily see trade in prices increasing too since used games sales will be limited to one resale and most likely a portion going to the publisher. When a reseller doesn't have one hundred used copies of Madden sitting in the backroom, chances are they'll give you more than 50 cents for your trade.

Not to mention if I were a third party developer/publisher, I would be more inclined to sell product on the platform that has my best interests in mind. If the XboxOne is successful in their DRM strategy, it would be foolish for publishers to concentrate their efforts on aless profitable platform. There could also be the added benefit of game prices not increasing or even possibly coming down if used sales are reduced.
kneon  +   314d ago
I have no problem with the concept of DRM provided it doesn't cause me inconvenience and undue restrictions. But the Xb1 includes plenty of inconvenience and unnecessary restrictions.
CrossingEden  +   314d ago
i wonder what will happen when sony fanboys grow up, stop caring about drama, and realize that every big company sponsors websites, PRETTY SURE that Sony is sponsoring some websites today too. -_-
The realness  +   314d ago
Becuase they think people do shit for free....
Nightcrawler913  +   314d ago
Lame Microsoft.
Godmars290  +   314d ago
And while some will most certainly disagree, say that its just business, it is business by way of a company with poor if not inferior product which has no long term benefits to whoever buys it using more money and effort to best a competitor and misinform consumers than making thing right in the first place.

Its business at its worst.
Ducky182  +   314d ago
I'm sure I said the same thing yesterday, they should be using this money to reward their customers by making high quality games.
Bennibop  +   314d ago
I went in to Game over the weekend and the amount of Xbox One ads within the store was ridiculous. Was no mention of PS4 preorders. Even the shop assistants were pushing xbox one pre order as you walk through the door not a mention of PS4. Makes you wonder if Microsoft has been paying the major high street retailers?!?
E2S  +   314d ago
I look at this the same way I look at people just now realizing that the government is spying on them: We've known about it for years, why is it just bothering you now?
Cherchez La Ghost  +   314d ago
Haven't MS did this before?! Being a sponsor for a multiplat game?
mrmancs  +   314d ago
I will never use Amazon again , and incidentally I pre ordered my ps4 from asda in the UK , most with intelligence will , they offer the best prices....
True_Samurai  +   314d ago
I thought it was called advertising?
edonus  +   314d ago

Sony has a brigade of supporters on the internet bad mouthing and spinning everything MS does.

MS has tons of cash to pay publishers to spotlight them, buy ad space in in magazines and inspire the journalists to be more careful on their ramblings, and advertising partnerships with viacom to basically plaster the TV with their message.

You dont stop the machine.

The machine has been around for hundreds of years and will be for hundreds more.
AutoCad  +   314d ago
lol oh boy, going to be a long day lol...
Article is a joke.
Software_Lover  +   314d ago
I like big butts and I cannot lie
Xx-ADITYA-xX  +   314d ago
A huge, plain, warm glass of milk is very yumyum.
creized1  +   314d ago
So umm... They are wasting money on sh!t like that instead of spending it on new game studios and new ips.
Well done Microsoft *claps*
deepio  +   314d ago
This is really nothing new. This is just another form of exclusive advertising.
ElementX  +   314d ago
So MS is sponsoring an advertising campaign for E3 it's no big deal besides it's one retailer. I really don't think anybody would be dumb enough to think the multiplats will only be on One. I mean if you click on any game on Amazon or another site it tells you exactly what systems it's for.
Deadpool101  +   314d ago
OMG I cant believe Microsofts unscrupulous behaviour. Next thing you know they'll buy timed exclusivity rights to DLC for Multi Format games in an effort to...win customers and sell more consoles! Oh the humanity, when will the madness end?!

How about we all stop bitchin' and just enjoy the E3, it's only hours away. Seriously, the E3 (when a new console generation is starting) is one of the most exciting times of being a gamer, can we please stop arguing until after we've actually seen what both companies have to offer?
FrigidDARKNESS  +   314d ago
Sony can go out and do the sme thing.
dantendo  +   314d ago
I'm glad people are bringing this to light finally. IGN and Gamestop have been receiving money from Microsoft for years now, and it rarely gets mentioned... Amazon at least is doing the right thing and saying sponsored by Microsoft, unlike all the hiding in the shadows that goes on with IGN an Gamestop..Funny part is Gamestop is now getting bit in the butt, as their cash cow is turning on them.. mwuahahah
quenomamen  +   314d ago
Add this to the " where not holding any press conferences before or after E3 " and I wouldnt be one bit surprised if we see photos of the MS brass leaving E3 in a fleet of 69 Coupe De Villes.
smashcrashbash  +   314d ago
You guys are so full of it.Not having your name in an ad is not the same as paying a developer to prevent showing the version of their game at an expo.This is a new low for Microsoft and as usual their people support every low life thing they do.If Sony had done this for E3 you would see how fast they would be labelled as evil.But with Microsoft it is business as usual.Many people forget the nasty low things Microsoft have done over the years and pretend that they have changed.But they are still the same.Microsoft still tossing money around to cover up their lame products.They give you a broken console that took three years to fix and their mediocrity is fine as long as they throw money at you.No doubt no matter how much Microsoft screws you with this console people will buy it any way
aleFH  +   314d ago
If there was even the slightest chances I'd purchase an Xbox One in the incoming months, it's been crushed by this article. This reports the cheapest marketing move ever done by MS.
UNGR  +   314d ago
Sony is doing the same with Destiny, oh wait it's only bad when Microsoft does it. SMH, will fanboys ever stop?
smashcrashbash  +   314d ago
Sony is blocking them from showing Destiny on Microsoft's console at E3? Where did you read that? Show it to me.Show me the exact words where that was said.
UNGR  +   314d ago
Show me where I said that. Sony is making it out to be the "only" platform for Destiny. It just doesn't work out the greatest due to the Bungie fanbase being in the Xbox brand.
Rob_From_GopRant  +   314d ago
Microsoft will do anything to make more money. This type of behavior/ advertising is nothing new. All big corporations have strategies in promoting there products. Some gamers will choose there next system on what company portrays as a more moral company. Right now, it seems Sony is winning some gamers in that front. I said some gamers people - not all - so dont gang up on me. lol

For me - its all about the games. I am hoping Nintendo comes out with some good games.
allis   314d ago | Spam
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