OmniGamer's Predictions for Nintendo

"OmniGamer Writes Nintendo seems to be coasting by during this year’s E3. They won’t be having a normal press conference like the other console manufacturers, but they will still have a presence on the show floor. They are really coming in as the underdog with nobody paying attention to them at all. Below are our predictions for Nintendo’s E3"

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yugovega2011d ago

what is the deal with shemnue? the originals sold like crap and now all a sudden people want another one? why, so yet again noone will buy it?money well wasted is what it would be. other then that these are some pretty good predictions. I the gtav on wiiu would gather some buzz. or maybe a huge 3rd party franchise becoming exclusive. say mgs?

browngamer412011d ago

"Nobody paying attention to them at all", that's all I needed to read to realize this idiot is trolling for hits-let's all do this site a favor by not clicking this link..