The Witcher 3: up to 100 hours’ play in the story and open world combined

EDGE - The Witcher 3’s main story will take up to 50 hours to play through, with another 40-50 hours worth of quests to complete in its open world, CD Projekt has told us.

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Upbeat2016d ago

^^ lol. I really need to get into these witcher games, heard so many good things about them but haven't had a chance to get into a new series of games lately.

Captain Qwark 92016d ago

top three best games this gen imo.

my top three would be...

1. demon/dark souls
2. the witcher 2
3. dragon age origins

figure id give you those for some reference as to the what i consider good in my opinion lol

despair2016d ago

Witcher 1 was good but its more acquired taste than mainstream. But Witcher 2 is awesome though a lot of the backstory and history will be lost(I heard you need to read the original books for the full thanks there), the plot is good and easy to follow.

despair2016d ago

the reviewers job will be nothing compared to the people who write the guides. I still feel sorry for those who had to write the Bethesda games guides. Can you imagine having to write Fallout 3, New Vegas or Skyrim's guides?

MidnytRain2016d ago

Most reviewers probably won't clock in nearly that amount of time into the game before writing and posting their reviews.

Gimmemorebubblez2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Can't wait! One of my favorite PC games is the original Witcher.

djthechamp242016d ago

This is what you call a true open world game, not no 10-15 hour 60 dollar bullshit ass game

True_Samurai2016d ago (Edited 2016d ago )

Tell them how it should be fellow gamer!!! :-)

urwifeminder2016d ago

I own both but have never followed through and finished them just don't have the time plus guild wars2 got me I will get this add it to the pile and make time one day to complete them all.

Master-H2016d ago

Next year is gonna be crazy ! this, dark souls II and possibly deep down ;>

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The story is too old to be commented.