This is how Microsoft can resolve most Xbox One issues

The Xbox One hasn't been well received so far but there is a way Microsoft can claw it's way back into the hearts and minds of gamers.

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moonstormer2010d ago

there is still hope for redemption! just hope they actually put gamers first, and realize not everyone has permanent, high-speed internet.

JohnnyBadfinger2010d ago

See right there what you say is stupid. Makes no sense. The problem Microsoft have made has nothing to do with always on. It's the fact you virtually cannot physically own any of it.

I ain't jumping on the ps4 wagon yet... Too many unknowns but thus far the Xbox one is blacklisted.

BABYLEG2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

You guys are lost one here. All I see is the same people saying the same thing about the next Xbox but everyone I know who currently owns an Xbox refuses to buy any other consoles next Gen if its not Xbox, kindve like how people in Japan strictly buys Sony and nins consoles.. Yeah, I know.. Hard to believe but most gamers in the US/UK prefer Xbox. The 360 is over 15 million consoles ahead of the ps3 in the US. Expect that trend to continue

I'm sure its people who was going to buy a ps4 anyway pretending like they thought of buying the next Xbox. Microsoft doesn't need or want your money from you cheap gamers. Go play a playstation is you want a service equivalent to what you pay for

Deadpool1012010d ago

That article makes it all sound so simple.

"Hey Microsoft, any chance you could look into this, I think the guys on to something!"

To be honest, if the games are any good I will probably be getting an X1 anyway, my main worry is a repeat of the RROD fiasco.

Godmars2902010d ago

Nothing that they'll actually do.