Battlefield: Bad Company Multiplayer Beta Impressions by IGN

IGN enlist and own several noobs:

"The Bad Company Beta just went live this morning and we've spent our entire day scouring over the two included maps (Ascension and Oasis) to bring you our impressions of the multiplayer action. There's no question that the gameplay has come a seriously long way since we first got our hands on the game in November of last year, and for the very first time we can see a tangible finish line in sight for Bad Company's development."

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LinuxGuru3738d ago

From the preview:

"The destruction clearly isn't dynamic and is instead a set of pre-defined cutouts that can be blown off of buildings."

THAT is my problem with a game that claims it's all about destruction.

SEVERELY disappointing.

gEnKiE3738d ago

Agreed....They made you seem to think that this was going to be a revolutionary way for destruction to happen in a videogame.... Well I guess its still a Battlefield game to look forward to which I really wouldn't mind right now....

HungPHAT3738d ago

I agree , seen worse in other games over the years , they need to get rid of "doc iam bleeding " every 20 seconds then resovle screen tearing and choose a better color palate not warm vivid would be much better . But its a step up from M.Combat , if that . Back to the beta now ( if I connect )

Obama3738d ago

This is like call of duty 4 on steroids. very polished, except for the typical voice acting.

FirstknighT3738d ago

Battlefield is all about vehicles. How many vehicles in this bad boy?

bumnut3738d ago

if i could connect i would tell you.

there is not a chance that the retail game will work on release if they can't even handle the demand of a closed beta.

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