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1UP writes: "Dark Sector, apart from being a blatant Gears of War clone, proves that throwing a boomerang can be as much fun as firing a gun. Look around at screenshots and videos of the game -- chances are you'll see the bladed metal "Glaive" in each. It's a fun toy you can use to attack, pick up faraway items, and throw into fire/electricity/etc. to charge it up for power shots.

It's also the main thing that makes Dark Sector different from any other third-person shooter, so it's good that it works well. Early on, the Glaive feels like just another weapon, but once you upgrade your abilities so you can slow down time while you steer it and trigger it to explode in midair, it becomes extremely useful".

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ps3 is my champion3767d ago

... I still don't know if I'm getting it though. I wanted to!

MikeMichaels3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

"don't look for lots of physics or background movement, but the trade-off is some of the nicest-looking textures in any game."

"On the artistic side, Dark Sector is nothing special, with lots of gray and brown environments, enemies that feel like 20 you've seen in other games, etc."

"So it's not for multiplayer fans or story fans or innovation fans, but Dark Sector is certainly a good game."

Sounds like an "A" to me. The lack of constancy on these site are laughable. How do they expect us to take their crap seriously.

1up sucks.

ShAkKa3767d ago

getting tired of the gow clone thing so what every game that has guns and a cover system is a gears clone,psss you would think that people who work on games are a little more intelligent to know they were games that did that way before gow.

LinuxGuru3767d ago

Unfortunately, I was immediately turned off from this title once I heard that it wasn't going space / sci-fi anymore.

After this transition to morphing / disease / whatever....Dark Sector's appeal really lost its edge.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3767d ago

There was only one game that had a cover system before Gears, KillSwitch. Gears took it to the next level, and perfected what KillSwitch started. I have seen this game in action, It takes alot of what Gears did, like Uncharted, and Army of Two. Uncharted copied more of Gears than Army of Two did, Army had a cover system that was automatic.

ShAkKa3766d ago

it`s no a knock on gears i like the game thought i haven`t played,but,then again the reviewers talk about the cloning thing like it is a bad stuff i love the cover system thats why i like uncharted so much.
i wonder if when gta comes out they will say is a clone because it has a cover system.

KidMakeshift3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

I like how Gears of War is treated like the creator of shoot-and-cover gameplay. There really isn't much to it. I don't know why everything is called a Gears of War clone when it's such a simple gameplay mechanic. I think it's kind of a snobbish thing to say

I just wish all these kind of games embraced color. I'm so tired of dark earthy tones.

kornbeaner3767d ago

I remember this game being announced before anybody knew what the hell Gears of War was.

1up HA! what a joke.

Breakfast3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Doesnt matter if we knew about gears, It matters if Epic new about gears. And Gears came out 1.5 year before.

You can say Gears copied someone else, but you cant say Gears copied this.

kornbeaner3767d ago

I've never said Gears copied any game and If I have then my bad. The thing that I have said about Gears is that the cover system is not original, but a more refined version of that which has already existed.

And this game uses the same cover mechanic but not as well.

But to say that this game is a Gears clone when they share almost nothing in terms of Story or overall experience is asinine.

Its not like what we saw when GTA hit it big and every publisher wanted to make a street thug game. Where everything was a clone to the GTA universe.

The main character in Gears and Dark Sector are not alike, the weapons and skills they have (outside of the cover system, with gears being better at it) are not alike, and the stories don't resemble each other , so how is this a Gears clone?

In order to be a clone the duplicate must exactly resemble or at least closely resemble the original, and outside of the Cover system, the resembles is not there.

xhi43767d ago

Kill.switch on the PS2

GOW well, to put it bluntly, used or 'stole' Kill.switch's cover system and made it on the xbox 360 with next gen graphics, as one of the new xbox 360 games and few triple A games on the system it gained a TON of coverage and advertisement.

So everyone played GOW, not kill.switch, and so many people think they made the cover system, which is a lie.

but who really cares.

bubbles pwease =D

LinuxGuru3767d ago

Don't ask for bubbles, you look really stupid when you do that.

MikeGdaGod3767d ago

Killswitch was very similiar.

Bolts3767d ago

Great point, Kill Switch actually attempted the cover system first. Though Gears of War perfected it. Bubbles.

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