MyGEN: Patapon Review

MyGEN writes: "In essence, Patapon for the PlayStation Portable is a must buy title. Seriously, stop reading now and run to the closest game store and buy Patapon. It is without doubt the best PSP title of 2008 so far and I can assure you that it will remain near the top even with titles such as God of War and Crisis Core coming out in the later months. It doesn't matter what kind of gamer you are, you will enjoy Patapon and it will keep you glued to the PSP for countless hours.

Gameplay: Absolutely addictive and original gameplay that will never cause frustration or boredom

Visuals: Trademark simplicity and vibrancy takes the place of polygons and low resolution textures and looks outstanding

Audio: Outshines the charming soundtrack of LocoRoco and that's no mean feat

Replayability: Just like LocoRoco, Patapon has substantial pick up and play capacity that will keep you satisfied for eternity"

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