Battlefield BC: The beta gameplay video now up

This is a video of the Game play from the actual beta that went live today.

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TheHater3680d ago

I have try about an hour to get into a match in this beta and I couldn't. I will try a again tomorrow, or else I am deleting it off my Xbox 360 Hard drive

Teh-Venom3680d ago

graphics look top notch, up to how many players can it support? the hit detection needs some work but overall it looks promising.

gEnKiE3680d ago

OMG....I can't for this to come out. I need a new BF.....

Jeebs3680d ago

This game looks damn awesome. Makes me almost want to buy a xbox 360 just to play this game, or at least upgrade my PC to current standards. But we all know which one is more likely!

sak5003680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Today was much better as i managed to rank up and made it into almost top 3 in couple of games despite the lag of being playing from Middle East. Anyway, the gfx are top notch cept for bloomy effect and some dark areas inside the buildings. Also as someone said, hit detection needs some work. The grande launcher does little splash damange to individuals and its easier to mow down 2-3 enemeis with assualt rifel then with its grenade. Also sometimes when u spawn the weapon doesnt show up untill after 5-10 secs. But since this is beta, these are the things which will be pointed out and sorted for the final version.

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