"GT5 is still about a year away"

Chris Hinojosa-Miranda(Associate Producer, SCEA) sheds light on the release time for Gran Turismo 5.

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mighty_douche3680d ago

GT5p will keep me going till MotorStorm 2, then that will keep me going to GT5, then that will keep me going to MotorStorm 3, then that will keep me going to GT6p, then that.... well you get the point.

Loads of games out soon, prologue is fine for now.

sonarus3680d ago

hahaha exactly same plan i have. GT5p till MS2 and then at that point i will juggle them inbetween
Keeping my eye out for grid though. Actually from what i hear there will be no GT6

Lifendz3680d ago

once the island is available and the in-game custom soundtracks come I can hold off until GT5. I know Prologue is a deep game but 40 bucks is kinda steep for a half game. I know you GT guys are more than happy with prologue but I think I'll wait to purchase GT5.

kevoncox3680d ago

I've never been a fan of sims.
I understand why people like sim games but My Sc430 doesn't drive anyting like It does in raching games( i know i take it to the track)
I fear that GT5 wont be out till summer 09. The developers of /GT are almost never on time.

fenderputty3680d ago

I hope it's a little less then a year then a little more though. Still ... I can't wait to see what another year of polish and content additions will do to what we've already seen.

MikeGdaGod3680d ago

i wanted to wait until GT5 but since that will be my first GT game ever, i think maybe i'll get this to test out and get me ready for the full thing.

plus i think i'd rather be disappointed and pay $40 than being disappointed and pay $60 when the full game comes out.

i think i'll just download so i can have everything right on the system.

Ju3680d ago

Well, ... , won't get boring I believe. I have 35 games in my gf queue. And that just includes titles released until 06/08. (well, and I own 22 others now). So, say, I give each about 2 weeks to play, that would keep me busy for more then a year - darn, and it doesn't even include the must haves (they are on my shopping list anyhow). Time, Time!

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AlterEgo3680d ago

hopefully this will stop the retards from saying "OMFG WE HAVE TO PAY FOR A DEMO THEN TURN RIGHT AROUND AND PAY FOR THE REAL THING??!!?111?"

Its not "right around the corner". Theres' ample playtime between the release of both games, and plenty to do in GT5P so that it doesn't feel like a 'demo' as they put it.

GT5P now, GT5 later.

Think of GT5P as somewhat of a... "Prologue" to GT5.

TheTerminator3680d ago

The P in GT5P stands for prologue =.=

btkadams3680d ago

now i understand, thank you for clearing that up.

TheTerminator3680d ago

Would you gentlemen be interested in working for defence systems in the air force? you can make artificial intellegence and robots! R0000B000)TZ!!!!!

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PimpHandStrong3680d ago

if what i heard was right. I heard 800 cars

that would make for some real fun race events!

PimpHandStrong3680d ago

GT5 might be the only GT on the PS3...Atleast till the end of its life

I think GT6 will be a launch game for the PS4 in 6-7 years. I could be wrong

Radiomorph3680d ago

Depends if they want to milk out some more money by doing what they did with GT4.
Anyway, I hope they get it right this time. Previous games were waaay too unbalanced IMO.