Linger In Shadows: Video Available

onAXIS: "Here it is on YouTube,from Breakpoint 2008. Enjoy!"


Youtube video down, changed to GameTrailers

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pwnsause3317d ago

I can honestly say it looks like what you see when you run 3d mark, yea its that amazing.

poopsack3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

Thank you very much gambare

Oops reply is for a lower comment

FamilyGuy3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

It was going pretty slow for me (70kbps) but i copied the link and used it in FlashGet and now im downloading the vid at about 500Kbps

bottom right

daous3317d ago

The fact that Santa Monica Studio helped in the creation of it.

You know, the same Sony studio responsible for GOD OF WAR...

Perhaps this is showing off their current PS3 engine for God of War 3 so far?

Lord Anubis3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

since santa monica did the demo some of that tech is bound to go in God of War and since santa monica is closely related to Incognito they will too benefit.

GutZ313317d ago

Sorry to say it, but not impressed.

sonarus3317d ago

WTF. lol I have to be honest after all that hype it still doesn't look better than Crysis to me. I would put it about on the same level as killzone maybe a lil bit under.
Tech demo's really don't impress me much maybe when i actually see something cool instead of some trailer for "underdog game" i can get excited. The fact that it is coming from santa monica also gets me excited maybe that is the GOW3 engine who knows. Can't wait to see "gameplay footage" but like i said tech demo's don't impress me

Don't get me wrong it doesn't look bad but No wow's came out of me watching that.

SUP3R3317d ago

You won't get any "wow's" until you know what it is and how it's being incorporated into a game.
This is just an example of what is capable in real-time and most likely the engine Santa Monica is using.
I will say this video looks on par with the quality of the CGI video of Killzone from E3 back in 05 or 06(I can't remember) except this isn't CGI.

sonarus3317d ago

lol i would say this looks on par with MGS4 real time footage. Though i didn't see it in hi def. Still looks rough.
But yea you are right i won't be saying wow till i see it utilized properly. I try not to get psyched for tech demo's. It is not on par with KZ2 cgi though. That had a lot more action going on e.t.c. KZ2 CGI had a lot more to show this one looks like a blend between the matrix and underdog

Sevir043317d ago

while not crysis Good, it does however, boast some impressive procedural rendering, it's just a tad uglier in a good way than KZ2. which has me hyped because this seemed more like a tech of whats going into, or what Their engine is capable of and if this is from Santa Monica studious then Yes this is their God of war 3 engine which is amazing to say the least. great stuff, Sony's Devs are seriously making the PS3 look amazing. cant wait to see what they show at E3 this year.

SUP3R3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

sonarus, of course you would see the Killzone CGI trailer as being more impressive because you didn't have to think outside of the box as you do with this video.
If you would take a second to actually realize the tech that is actually happening in the video instead of focusing on what is going on with the "OMGZ FLYING DOGXZ, KITTIE KATZ, WTF???" you would realize how masterfully amazing this entire video is.
Of course the majority of people, as I've seen through the comments on this article, have no sort of art and tech direction so they'll have to wait til' they see Kratos or some human character before it's understood for what it is.

Maddens Raiders3317d ago

but now that I have.... Damn it looks like a --- no check that -- it looks better than a movie trailer. The backgrounds are fully realized and absolutely beautifully drawn. There's no way this is a game is it?

Watkins3317d ago

1400 kbit/sec .. not too bad of an FTP

3317d ago
gameraxis3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

go take ur xbox to get serviced will ya, if u wern't interested you wouldn't have come in to look.

On Topic;

that dog got RUINED!!! lol

killax35633317d ago

Nice video but I don't think it was the game/video that BBC reporter was talking about. Just my opinion. It was nice but I wasn't left 'speechless'.

The Killer3317d ago

1: this is not in HD video, if it was it would look much better than this.

2: i think they were trying to show what their new engine can do, we all so those buildings and constructions and what happened when the metal robot hit them and how the object were reacting to and and fall, or how this robot was squeezing him self to get out of his hole, or how different reactions was made by the black flying thing of the different objects.

3: maybe also how was the dog reacting when his body was turning to a stone, also when he saw the black thing he tried to hurry to that statue.

from what i see only sony studios r the ones pushing to new limits and i think this year and next we will see some amazing looking games!!

in 2009 i am looking forward to GOW3 and ICO next game!! am sure they will set new bars to what to achieve in games both graphics,physics,gameplay and concept!!

lukewind3317d ago

You do all realize that this is a tech demo? Even given that it doesn't look revolutionary...not by a long shot. Whatever this game will be looks interesting, but the graphics seriously failed to achieve this "OMG" reaction all the Sony Fanboys are having right now, I guess the lack of games with good visuals has made them dumb!

PimplePopperMD3316d ago

I dont know. I dont see anything special here. I see a vid that looks like it was recorded running at 14-27fps. Are there any excellent use of lights in this vid? It looks good but real gameplay lookin like that(better hopefully) is a ways off.

JsonHenry3316d ago

Looks good!! ... but what the hell was going on screen?! I don't understand it. What was the point they were trying to make? It looks like they were using the Half Life 2 engine with the way the buildings look. (except they had only shades of green, grey, and black as their total color palette)

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Neo-Delta3317d ago

Wierd, the videos taken off Youtube and all the downloads don't work. Sony must be doing their level best to hide this game/video.

poopsack3317d ago

noooo! (continues downloading)

poopsack3317d ago

Really, hm I have 156 mb... do I have the wrong video!!??

xhi43317d ago

none of my players can play it including divx and quicktime?

it says it needs some codec but doesnt say which one.

can anyone help?

xhi43317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

thanx a lot mate, ill go and try it

EDIT: AHHHHH didnt work :'(

any help please?

or someone upload it to youtube or better yet as a usermovie for then it wont get taken down......if possible.

rCrysis3317d ago

i have a codec pack so I don't know which codec is playing it..

What i do know, is that the video is pretty impressive. Santa Monica Studios anyone?

Vicophine3317d ago

Doesn't work on PS3? Bah, I got to use my file converter now -.-

Obama3317d ago

hmm try using the VLC player. It should be able to play it.

xhi43317d ago

just use the VLC player like the other guy said, just type it in google and download it.

Its a bit of a strange video, the dark mist was like lost's haha

i don't know what to think of it, its a really out there video. I can't see how a game would come out of that, but then again who knows!

tudors3317d ago

that usually plays all.

TheWickedOne3316d ago

Thats the first thing that came to mind. The black smoke or nano tech gone awry from Lost. The video had some really nice visual. The cat looked great, the dog flying not so much.

Looks to me like just a showcase piece, not a upcoming game.

neat though.

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Vicophine3317d ago

Downloading...I will not even try running it on this PC, as this PC = suxxorz. USB to PS3 ftw.

rmatott3317d ago


--download VLC media player