Dark Zero: Frontlines: Fuel of War Review

Dark Zero writes: "I had not followed Frontlines through development whatsoever. It had never really stood out as an interesting game to me. After all it is just another FPS, and we already have four hundred and forty eight thousand of them to play already. Regardless, I thought well enough of the game to give it a go once it hit retail. So, with me having no idea of what to know what to expect I stuffed it straight in my disc hole and started to play.

"Wow this is actually really good, where the hell did this come from." Those were my exact words as I began to play the first level. It was quite the fun experience to tell the truth. Stuff was blowing up around me, people were shouting. The music was loud, albeit slightly cringeworthy, and everything was more or less action packed. The story seemed solid, and had enough basis in reality to be easy to understand by focusing on oil companies and telling a "what if" story of the future. Even better, the battlefield was vast, and I had loads of options to approach how to take out the enemies. All in all, everything that makes a good shooter was there, and a little bit was added atop to give the game its own flair."

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