Feel Left Out by the Bad Company Beta? Just Play BF2.

GameAlmighty's Matt Butrovich writes, "Getting beyond the immediate technical issues, let's talk a bit about the game itself. To describe it as simply as possible: it's Battlefield 2-lite with an object destruction gimmick. Alright, that's not being entirely fair. Let me try again: it's Call of Duty 4 with a vehicle gimmick. Wait, that's not much better."

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Marceles3715d ago

lol, it really is just like BF2. I like the beta just for that fact since I haven't played it on my computer in a long time

ravinshield3715d ago

N4G is full of people that feel left out including their famous PS3fangirls.well anyways,back to the beta.

Mikey_Gee3715d ago

On my console .. NOPE !! Hated it actually.

The new BF looked good.... REAL GOOD !!

I hope it represents more of what the PC version did and then some.

I still LOVE the sounds in the new BF. VERY REAL. That is what attracted me to BF on PC. The sounds on console with blahhh at best.

Noodlecup3715d ago

I don't want to play this on my PC like I played the PC version of CoD4 which sucked because it was made for console gamers.

Voozi3714d ago

At least BF2 has prone...seriously EA/DICE who's bright idea was it to say "HAI GUIS LETZ TAKE OUT PRONE KAY!?"

Last I checked people went prone to take cover in the army, and went prone to fire there weapons at times...

...Or maybe we're going to have to pay MS Points to buy the prone feature lol...*gulp*