"Ignorance is (Not) Bliss"

Tyler Treat from XboxFocus writes:

"WARNING: The contents of this article may be subject to causing boredom. I know, I said I was here to both inform and entertain you. Sue me. Humor will be inserted in order to make a point (or to just excite a laugh as usual) where I deem necessary, so grab your hardhat and put your serious face on, it's time to show those naysayers what's up!

Have you ever played Mass Effect? Have you ever watched a porno? Did you know that the two seemingly-unrelated things are pretty much one and the same? Or at least they were in the mind of developmental psychologist Cooper Lawrence. Of course, sexuality in video games isn't the only hot-button issue; violence is the most fiercely-contested one. Why is it that video games are looked down upon while movies, music and television seem to get by unscathed?..."

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