European / Others Charts for Week Ending March 22nd, 2008

VGChartz estimates that the European / Others hardware charts for week ending March 22nd, 2008 was as follows:

(IN brackets is last weeks #)

*Also note, this is the first FULL week of 360 price drop in europe.

DSL: 140,935 (136,763)
Wii: 113,921 (84,022)
PS3: 74,638 (71,023)
360: 68,542 (54,281)
PSP: 52,664 (49,084)
PS2: 41,779 (39,832)

UK Total:

Wii: 40,052 (28,784)
DSL: 33,015 (31,859)
360: 26,927 (19,756)
PS3: 22,482 (21,263)
PSP: 7,655 (7,411)
PS2: 6,454 (6,263)

France Total:

Wii: 28,728 (20,967)
DSL: 24,593 (23,811)
PS3: 11,299 (11,043)
PSP: 5,676 (5,578)
PS2: 5,071 (4,543)
360: 4,950 (3,788)

Spain Total:

DSL: 12,472 (12,339)
PS3: 10,688 (10,112)
PSP: 9,342 (8,170)
Wii: 8,490 (7,049)
PS2: 5,876 (5,734)
360: 2,500 (1,797)

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fenderputty3766d ago

and I had just passed up on the opportunity to purchase a nice flame retardant suit.

Maybe the PS3 doesn't need to lower it's price in the European countries just yet. I would still like to see it happen though. right in time for GTA4 and MGS4.

Stil ... VG is only an estimation. Who knows how accurate any of this is.

ruibing3766d ago

The numbers seem to make sense, last week a lot of 360 fans said that the price drop didn't go into effect until that Friday, which explains the rise this week.

sonarus3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

considering the GT5P bundle and GT5 already being sold out at some retailers, i would personally be dissapointed if ps3 doesnt over take the wii.

I am fine with VGchartz data as long as it is recognized for what it is...a rumor

fenderputty3766d ago

it will be interesting to see how the PS3 does when GT5P gets released. Honestly though, I thought the 360 price cut was going to help sales more then it did.

sonarus3766d ago

lol i didn't to be honest. I knew it still wouldn't pass ps3 sales. PS3 vibe in EU is a lot better than it is in other regions. Software sells consoles though the best time to cut the price of your console is just when a hot product is about to drop. If sony drops price week of GTA4, expect sky rocket sales.

cmrbe3766d ago

of the x360 in Europe was already affordable. The biggest problem that the x360 had in Europe is its reliability coupled with the Playstation brand recognition which is pretty strong in Europe. Although these numbers are just estimates, i am not surprise at all the the PS3 would still outsell the x360 in Europe. I firmly believe that the price is not a big factor in why people in Europe are not buying the x360 as much as the PS3.

wulan3766d ago

We will see what happens?

But definitely we can expect a huge boost in HW sales even if temporary considering that GT5P has over a million in preorders in EU

Homicide3765d ago

The 360 had an equivalent of a $100 price cut. It's cheaper than the Wii over there and it still couldn't outsell the PS3, but it got close though.

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360sucks3766d ago

with a price cut on the 360
no damage to the ps3 "haha"
next week its wont be close

wulan3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

but still we all know it is over for x360 next week when Gt5 prologue hits europe

i am quite certain PS3 outsold it by bigger margin in europe last week

but VG is VG u know

but it is over for MS and x360 when GT5 P lands next week

Snukadaman3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

nice new account there....looks like the moderators are slipping on you...they will be informed. Cant wait for next weeks charts with gt5 demo and nasims wild accusations of 1 million pre-orders....I predict gt5 sells close too 200K..minimum.

wulan3766d ago

I have just one ACTIVE account

unlike you who is having 3 at the moment

Snukadaman aka GAM71 aka INYOURGAYMUM .

Next week is the death anniversary of DEAD BOX 3 FIX ME in europe

GT5P will sell all x360 games combined for the month of MARCH in europe.

GT5P's 1st week sales would eclipse Forza2/PGR4 entire sales combined

GT5P is also sold out at 95% of the stores in Europe

Snukadaman3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

The only place the ps3 sells well is Europe..japan the ps3 and the xbox are doing lousy....with Americas economy its doing lousy...and everyone knows you have too win North America too win the console war. With Japaneses interest in next gen is slowly dieing. Im glad you came too your senses about your absurd claim of 1 million pre-orders of gt5 and actually aint even mentioning it no more...face it the xbox aint going no where...Maybe you do have a brain...or whatever you droids have in your heads.

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ruibing3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

So since the price drop was suppose to have occurred on the Friday before last week, I guess this is the full extent of the price drop. They should have waited for some big 360 game to be released if they really wanted to outdo the PS3 overseas.

wulan3766d ago

when Gt5 P lands

poor x360. even at half price no buys it in europe/japan

But i seriously doubt whether x360 had any boost in sales

these are VGCRAP numbers you know

TheExecutive3766d ago

I wonder what the sales will do when GT5:P hits the shelves...

wulan3766d ago

to jump by 100% or even 200% for 2/3 weeks.

then after that it will keep ps3 afloat fr 90k/100k until GTA hits.

GT5 and FF are just huge games in europe

If SONY drops the price of ps3 during the launch of GTA4 then expect a mega boost in HW sales

NO_PUDding3766d ago

That's quite a lot. I am not so positive. I am definate it will be up in the 80's.

And I recently saw a GT5P advert on UK television so defitnely next week the sales will be higher on PS3 than 360 in UK.

Can't believe the 360 is still higher in UK. I know it will chnage when there's a price drop, or just waitign a while longer. Certainyl for MGS4 GTA IV and GT5P.

Skaterboy Tell Em3766d ago

More of vcharts crap numbers. Why are the ps3 worldwide numbers only at 10.94M, it was announced 2 months ago in january that the ps3 has sold 10.5M consoles worldwide.Are they trying to say the ps3 has sold 440,000 consoles in 2 months? The real numbers are probably closer to 12 million but since vgchartz is run by xbox fanboys they will not have the true numbers up,which is why i dont even follow that joke of a site.

Pandaren003766d ago

vgchartz tracks retailer to customer, while the 10.5 million number is from sony to retailer.

and if anything, the site is super pro-nintendo. the forum is full of pro-nintendo people, and its fairly obvious that the people the run the site are also pro-nintendo if you take a look at their user profile on the site. It is EXTREMELY far from and "xbox fanboy" site.

TheExecutive3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )


10.5 million was from retailer to customer. the entire year of 2007 was from retailer to customer. They explicitly stated that in their financial report. look it up.

VG charts is underestimating worldwide numbers for the ps3 by at least 1.5 million. Its a joke. they dont even correct the numbers when they are proven wrong

sonarus3766d ago

sony gets sales data from their retailers. Other sources have confirmed sony's numbers as indeed being SOLD and not shipped. What you are referring to is shipped. I remember when VGchartz had 360 SOLD higher than 360 shipped. Those guys are clowns lol:p

gaffyh3766d ago

Yeah Sony said they were only releasing customer sales and not sales to retailers. There is no doubt that VGChartz PS3 estimation is wrong. Last week PS3 was at 10.87 million, but the week before that it was at 10.9 million, seems like 30,000 people returned their PS3 that week. Lol stupid VGchartz

wulan3766d ago

who trusts VG?

we all know that their PS3 sales are undersestimated.

I agree with the Executive VG is off on PS3 sales by around 1m/1.5m

we will see when SONY releases their Balance sheet in April

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