PSLegion: What you can hope for this April

There are many new exciting additions you can look forward to this April. The coming month could be one of the biggest for the PlayStation brand. Here are some of the reasons why.

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Nameless3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

Blogs of this kind are on the main page are 100 % against the guidelines according to Dukester

wulan3739d ago

It is not just a bLogspot.

stop trolling and head to open zone

PeeboDaKilla3739d ago

@ ^^^^^
lol, is that you doodle?

gw4k3739d ago

We can hope for something good! I tired of the playstation being a movie player.

Maybe Sony can give gamers an update.

eagle213739d ago

Playstation 3 will benefit greatly.

Official General3739d ago (Edited 3739d ago )

I really dont understand guys like you man. The PS3 is not just a blu-ray movie player, and thats certainly not all it's good for. I for one have never even played a single blu-ray movie on my PS3 yet and I've had it since last October. There is a now a much more than adequate library of very good games that are out now to play on the PS3 and I dont need to name them. The PS3 has games, and many more very good ones coming up so stop fooling yourselves. I really dont know why people keep saying all this silly stuff about "PS3 for blu-ray movies only" because it's plain clear nonesense. The PS3 is a gaming machine first and foremost and it's proving it's technological worth in all media entertainment fields (games/movies/music/online/), and it's still greatly improving in all these fields along the way each time.

Stop the moaning and PS3-bashing. Either you come along the PS3 ride or you dont because it's gonna be a long, exciting journey ahead, not just a short fun trip. If you wanna waste the PS3 on just movies then thats your business but I would find it very strange and very wasteful of the machine's use if you continue to do that forever.

EDIT - In that case why is it so essential right now that you HAVE TO watch movies in blu-ray on the PS3? DVDs are still big business so why not just stick with your 360, play games AND watch your movies on there? I'm sure the 360 has image upscaling. Then you would not have to buy a PS3 and moan about it.

Teh-Venom3739d ago

god i can't wait for all of this to be available it just makes me all excited of what were all getting this year!