360/PS3 Dual-Console Owners Favor Microsoft, Most Annoyed About Red Ring

Yesterday MTV Multiplayer asked readers who own both a PlayStation 3 and an Xbox 360 what makes them play one console versus the other.

The response was terrific. It was insightful, entertaining, and - brace yourselves - tilted toward the 360.

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FirstknighT3714d ago

A whopping 27 dual console owners favor the 360 compared to only a tiny iny 22 dual console owners that prefer the ps3.

The 360 wins again. ;)

ruibing3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

You are satisfied with winning through such a small sample base?

I'm not a statistician, but even I know the way the small sample of responses was not even truly randomly chosen. Of the many possible external variables, it could simply mean more 360 favoring users read that blog.

ooop3714d ago

Dude shut up. This is just biased crap from a Microsoft website.

sonarus3714d ago

lol these online polls never work. The sample size remains small. Until the major ps3 exclusives hit, 360 remains the better gaming machine at least when it isn't red ringing. As for me havn't been playing much of either lately rainbow 6 failed to draw me back into games. I am looking at GT to fix that

T_O873714d ago

i think First knight is being Sarcastic

3714d ago
Exhaust3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Now MS owns MTV? I thought it stood for Music Television not Microsoft Television.

Come on are you serious? Its just a stupid poll and you people have to make up crap like MS controls MTV? Thats sad. Take off your tin foil hat... Why couldn't you focus on something legitimate like how small the sample was or how small the margin was? Instead you make up stupid crap. The moral of this story is own both consoles... That's the best option. You won't miss a thing that way.

@1.6 Reported as offensive. Theres no need for that. Grow up.

sonarus3714d ago

yea i know he is but lets take his bubbles anyway lol

toughNAME3714d ago

If something isn't positive for PS3, it's tainted. Always.

LaChance3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

On a planet with 6 billion people (Im not sayong they are all gamers , but who knows the exact number of gamers on earth) when the ps3 outsells the 360 by a couple of thousands you people are SOOO proud of SONY.
Now all of sudden small margins dont matter.

Come on Sony fans make up your minds.Stop switching opinions every hour or so (lol whenever the thread doesnt suit you)

@Sonarus : I thought you were only pro sony.Now I see you are a HARDCORE Sony fan.Im sure even you dont believe in what you just said.

sonarus3714d ago

@LaChance. Don't be such a clown no one is talking about sales. If the sample set was larger, ps3 would still come out on top and by a wider margin too.
When news isn't pro 360 it gets tainted as well at least on n4g anyways

toughNAME3714d ago

Because Xbox 360 fans complain about sample sizes? Or is it because they are always b!tching about someone being paid off? ( the the world!)

Defend you console sonarus that's fine, but don't defend your fellow fanboys.

EZCheez3714d ago

Sarcasm is harmless. I don't agree with this guy all the time either, but sheesh. Don't take someone's bubbles just because you don't like them.

I just gave all of you bubbles to offset any hateful actions by the rest of you.

IntelligentAj3714d ago

54 people? Are they serious? Why didn't they put that in the title as to give everyone a better idea of the article.

gaffyh3714d ago

@LaChance - the sample size is too small for an accurate representation of the dual console owner market. It should have atleast been 500 people and even then the sample would be too small.

I own both 360 and PS3, but I prefer my PS3 in every way, but at the moment I am playing more on the 360 (cos I just got it a while agoe, and also I've played all the major games for PS3). But still everything about PS3 is better... I don't use Live so maybe that will explain to some people why I prefer my PS3.

The Wood3714d ago

is taking everybody for a ride. he's loving it. I used to think he took this sh*t serious like bladestar but he's just out for laughs and we sometimes take the bait.

lol +

eagle213714d ago

I was banned from the gamer zone because I said xflop? My brother and 5 of my friends have traded in 360's for PS3's. 3 of them worked, but they wanted a PS3, 3 RROD's. The moderators better give me a PM, because from the first comment to the last in the gamerzone, it's heated. How can it not be, when we ALL know the 360 is a mess right now. And 27 vs. 22 means something for a news post? It's more guys and girls on this site than that. I am highly upset with n4g about this, and someone better give me a PM.

sonarus3714d ago

@toughName like it or not that is the way it is on N4G. PS3 onwers may complain over the sample set(which is genuine if you ask me) but even if the set was larger 360 would still come out on top and by a wider margin too. (wat i actually meant 2 say but somehow i typed in 360)
I have seen 360 owners taint every single bit of good ps3 news. When mgs4 said they would need more than 25GB it was oh its all filled with languages, when GTHD came out it was only 1 car on screen thats why it looks good. My point is there are fan boys on both sides ready to defend their console. So don't act like its only ps3 fanboys that do it when 360 fanboys do it too.

MADGameR3713d ago

But what about 24Million X Boxes vs over 100Million PS2s? SHUT!

IQUITN4G3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Your disagrees sum up nicely the level of intelligence this site obviously attracts

Groo3713d ago

I've had a 360 for 2 years, I've had a PS3 for one month... I'm on COD4 on my PS3 every night, Gears of War 2 may change that though haha

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Jack Meahoffer3714d ago

15 months after the birth of the PS3 the 360 STILL owns the high def gaming crown.

MIGHT change this year... MIGHT. If the PS3 can finally steal the features its missing from the 360 then people MIGHT change their minds. *cough* universal in game chat *cough*


ruibing3714d ago

Well, how about this? When the 360 finally steals the PS3's reliability and free network access, I'll get a 360.

Btw, you don't seriously believe a small group of console owners can actually be considered unbiased, right?

wAtdaFck3714d ago

They tested under 60 people. You can hardly call this conclusive.

And who else can be better suited to take this poll than MTV. /sarcasm

Jack Meahoffer3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

You're such hyprocrites. If this would have went to the PS3 you would have all thought 60 people was plenty sampling.

Disagree me to h3ll I don't care. All it proves is that you're butt hurt about a stupid poll on I think its funny you all are such whiney fanboy douches.

I guess MS owns MTV now or paid them off. Weak excuse generating fanboys are funny.

In game chat is coming soon. Rainbow Six Vega 2 developers are lazy thats why online doesn't work. WAAAAH MTV is owned by MS. WAAAH

*points and laughs*

@1.4 Dude the poll even says RROD is the number one complaint. What moe do you want? Jesus. Whats there to debate? RROD sucks but the 360 still gets more play time with dual console owners. Don't try to be all high and mighty because its obvious your biased as FARK.

wAtdaFck3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

Its funny how all you did was call us names rather than rebuke our arguments.

Very mature.

I would have said the same thing had the 'conclusion' point in favor of the PS3. Science is science, and 60 is too small for this kind of research.

AngryTypingGuy3714d ago

He addressed the arguments just fine. Don't pretend he isn't right. If it would've worked in favor of the PS3, you all would've been saying "This PROVES that the PS3 is better, AAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA". You know it's true.

That being said though, it is true that polling 60 people doesn't prove anything. If you switched out just a few of those polled with new people in their place, the results could be different. I would say that no one needs to get bent out of shape over this.

Come to think of it, no one needs to get bent out of shape over what anyone on this board says either. If you like your console's game selection better than the other, then you went with the right system, period. Remember, your gaming experience will only be as good as the games you play.

Hatchetforce3714d ago

I can verify people have a 360 or access by looking at a gamertag. What steps were taken to insure these people actually had a PS3? Oh, they said they did. Great.

EVOLVED3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

This is a horrible written article and test. They do need more numbers to tell a little more. This is not enough to tell and accurate percentage.even in college this paper would not be an acceptable paper, you would need more conclusive evidence to state your claim.

However on the other hand if this had been in favor of ps3. PS3 fanboys would have chanted the same dumb sh-t they always do.

xbox is way better in games and online. I want a game machine, not a blueray player. Plus gears of war 2, you got nothing on gears. you see those new graphics, going to set the stage and shut your mouths for good. MS WILL show you what gaming is all about.


Genki3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

you've proven to be more verbose, defensive, biased, and illogical than the two people you condemn.

Here you are spouting nonsense that you can't prove, then you go on to tell a couple of people that their opinions are irrelevant, while the ones in this poll aren't. You automatically assume that the folks polled are unbiased, yet don't grant the same courtesy to anyone whose view doesn't fit into your agenda. So who's biased now? You had better either take everyones word for it, or nobody's. You can't sit here and tell me that this person is biased when you can't prove it, and yet those people aren't biased...when you CAN'T PROVE IT. I guess this is the school of thought where we just believe what we want to believe. I hope you never become a judge.


He didn't address the arguments, he shoehorned a strawman argument in there by saying "You wouldn't think so if it was in the PS3's favor!"

Even if he is right, you can't prove a stupid statement like that. Believing something like that is like believing may be true, but it's apocryphal, inconclusive, and bogus.

Cynical-Gamerzus3713d ago

Hi-def Gaming crown lol
Last I checked ,Halo 3 and Call of duty 4 were low Def (technically proven)!!!

GET 2 SLI 8800 and considered it an upgrade from the BUDGET PC XBOX360..

Pain3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

- Here it is an unbiased account of why the 360 is STILL the best console- Only in America

-15 months after the birth of the PS3 the 360 STILL owns the high def gaming crown. -Oh Man u Funny. how that HD_DVD and Fake 1080p with hdmi2 doing you?....oh u own core nevermind.

MIGHT change this year... MIGHT. If the PS3 can finally steal the features its missing from the 360 then people MIGHT change their minds. *cough* universal in game chat *cough*

-Why oh why do u Xbot live kids think ingame message is Almighty? u fail..and what Features dose PS3 need from rrod box2? more like xbox is Copying PS3's Features left and right go back to math class and get of the libary computer sombody "MIGHT" need it.

WAIT B3YOND! For your XBOX 2 to come back from REPAIR!

FA-SHO3713d ago

what the heck is up with u? u do know that blu-ray(PS3) completely beat the crap out of HD(3CRAP0)in the hi-def war right? and plus how the crap is 54 polled people fair im just sayin *cough* DOUCHE BAG *cough*

Ballistic Jay3713d ago

Here it is an unbiased account of why the 360 is STILL the best console

Dude, ur obviously misinformed about what BEST CONSOLE means, teh PS3 IS more expensive, but is by far the superior system... (Blu-Ray and 1080p vs. HD-crap fake 1080p) and its game library is ready to pass the 360's even though 360 was out longer. Oh, and one last thing: PS3's actually work, unlike the 360 (1/3 of which get rrod)

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INehalemEXI3714d ago

I own all 3 and prefer ps3 personally as well.

Raptors3713d ago

You own all 3 but your name is 360 sucks? Nice try...

predator3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

yeah i use the 360 80% and ps3 20%

use the ps3 mostly for blu ray and the odd game of uncharted and warhawk.

all multi games i get for the 360 due to acheivements and online is better and i love the 360 controller.

Though this could change soon with GT5 P, MGS4 and stuff coming.

Though there is NG2, BK3, Gears 2 etc on 360 to.

busy year of gaming on both fronts

actas1233714d ago

Its funny how someone gets disagrees because of a question....
banjo kazooie 3 lol.

Yipee Bog3714d ago

Do you literally get to play a banjo? If so, some major foot stompin' will be in order. lol

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davez823714d ago

this poll is a total failure, 360 wins by 5 and those 5 people happen to play both consoles evenly. Also this is the number that matters most.

Number of people who say that the Red Ring of Death or other 360 hardware issues shifted their time to PS3 — 14