UPDATE: Critical Vulnerabilities in Safari For Windows ; Browsing Not Safe

Two new highly critical security advisories have been issued for Apple's new Safari 3.1 Windows browser.

Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian has discovered and provided two vulnerabilities in Safari, which can be exploited by malicious users to conduct spoofing attacks or potentially compromise a remote system.

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decapitator3623d ago

Not a very warm welcome..Hope Apple is working on a fix ASAP.

dcm3623d ago

firefox is where its at

lwsbrck3623d ago

agreed, i'm on a mac i use firefox, safari really isnt anything to 'upgrade' to, just IE for the generation taht worships all apple products

Bonsai12143623d ago

firefox for apple is actually surprisingly subpar. safari for apple is miles better than safari for windows though. on my windows partition i have the ff3b4, and it works like a charm. i won't bother with firefox on apple though because everything it does can be done better with a few little tweaks to safari.

DarkArcani3623d ago

Oh.... sorry I'm so use to IE being on the poop end of the stick. Nothing really big here. This will be fixed in no time and Safari will be back to its good ole self.

Oh and GO Firefox.