UGO: Dark Sector Review

UGO writes: "Any video game which can name cult Hollywood classic Krull among its inspirations gets an automatic respect boost. Enter Dark Sector, the new third-person actioner from Unreal developer Digital Extremes and D3 Publisher. Unfortunately, the game's inclusion of a glaive (the Krull-inspired spinny kind, not the Japanese polearm) as one of its central components is just about the only thing we're really over the Black Fortress about. After a looooooooong and troubled development, Dark Sector arrives this week on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 infected with an affliction far worse than protagonist Hayden Tenno's condition: mediocrity.

Spinning Blades and the People They Slice in Dark Sector

The fundamental gameplay underlying Dark Sector's lesser elements is reasonably sound. An action game in the vein of Gears of War, Tenno dispatches enemies with his glaive and firearms as he runs through a series of linear environments. Combat relies heavily on a lock-to-object cover mechanic for nearly every encounter, save the occasional knockdown boss fight. As the story progresses and Tenno's infection moves into its advanced stages, additional abilities - such as a telekinetic shield, aftertouch for the glaive and hardened skin - become available at scripted moments."

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DEADEND3767d ago

I'm still going to get this even if the reviews aren't good, I don't know there's just something about this game that I like a lot but I just hate the fact that you can't start the game over with the guns you've already bought and upgraded.

Salvadore3767d ago (Edited 3767d ago )

Most reviews and gave the title moderate scores, but as you mentioned, there's something about the game which still convinces me that it's definitely worth picking up and i think it's partially to do with the similarities it shares with Gears. I'm a huge Gears fan and I love the game play and Dark Sector nailed it perfectly in some aspects, but I still wish the controls were smooth (As many sites mentioned) and that you blind fire, but no game is perfect.

Vicophine3767d ago

Review = FAIL

"Powered by the Unreal Engine 3,...."

n00bie3767d ago

that was my reaction exactly. wonder how they missed that when in nearly ever interview with D3 when it comes to graphics, they mention the fact that the engine is in-house

Ghoul3767d ago

pretty damn weak.

they should really start giving kudos to D3

engine, artstyle, soundeffects, design is all inhouse and impressive.

ToeKneeHaze3767d ago

I loved KRULL when I was a kid. Best sci-fi/fantasy film at the time

Elginer3767d ago

one of the worst and misinformed reviews I've ever read, and they call this a professional site? So sad.

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