Game Revolution: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Review

Game Revolution writes: "What are the odds that Rainbow Six Vegas 2, the sequel to last year's critically-praised shooter, will be a winner? As it turns out, the odds were good, but now, in the eleventh hour, they're pretty bad. What changed? Well, let me break it down for you.

Before the game's name was announced the odds were pretty good: let's put it at 80%. A sequel to Rainbow Six Vegas? Sounds awesome. What do you think, maybe Rainbow Six Miami? Rainbow Six Kilkenny? Missoula? Since Rainbow Six Vegas ended with a cliffhanger "to-be-continued" notice, it could resume just about anywhere and guarantee some neat real-world locales. Anywhere, one would guess, except Las Vegas.

But then the name was released and we discovered that Rainbow Six Vegas 2 looked like it was going to be in Vegas again. Hmmm. Back in Vegas, huh? The odds started to slip just a little. The word on the streets was that 75% was too favorable. A few gamers began betting against Vegas 2, wagering precious Mountain Dew and Ritalin money."

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