The First and Official European Gran Turismo 5 Prologue PAL Detailed Car List

One of our members managed to get their hands on a copy of European release of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PAL) 2 days ago. He managed to compose a list of all cars, their power (hp) and price. Have a nice sneak preview before you grab your copy of the game tomorrow. Enjoy!

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sonarus3680d ago

i am tempted to import from EU:( but its sold out already in most places.

PiotrGTC3680d ago

You can always get the downloadable version of the game.

sonarus3680d ago

how will i pay. i don't have a UK credit card. I was going to download it from the US store though

PirateThom3680d ago

If you have a Mastercard, it will work since it doesn't verify by address.

mighty_douche3680d ago

Ferrari F2007
Price: 2,000,000
HP: ---

^^Sweet Jebus, someone find some cheats :)

EZCheez3680d ago

He should have written a review, or both.

TABSF3680d ago

Ferrari F2007 this is hot, hope they get the Ferrari 248 and this years Ferrari F2008 in GT5.

Orgoglio della Ferrari