Battlefield Bad Company Beta Servers Are Exploding

Zero Continues Editor TalorB tells us about his Battlefield Bad Company Experience so far.

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Blademask3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Perhaps they should contact EA?

dachiefsman3649d ago

i am at the same place this guy is......continually searching with the crappy background music...

Skerj3649d ago

Yeah it's like weak ass elevator music, and I had the same issues too. I say had because I've given up for the day after being able to play for a whopping whole round after trying to connect for about 45 minutes. I got to join halfway through a round and the server went down during the middle of the second round and I was like "screw this" then.

ichimaru3649d ago

didn't know what to make of the title when i had read it at first lol

ichimaru3649d ago

blade, i heard guys in the furoms clsiming that the servers had issues

Boldy3649d ago

I have had problems all day, but apparently the reason for the servers being down is because people are getting their hands on cracked beta codes (aka torrents), which means that people that aren't supposed to be playing the beta are playing it, which overwhelmed the servers, and this is the longest run-on sentance I have ever written.

dachiefsman3649d ago

lmfao.....+20 internetz for you sir

mighty_douche3649d ago

Maybe EA need a beta beta.

ZTO Jamie3649d ago

I believe thats called an Alpha

mighty_douche3649d ago

Thank you yes.

I was implying they should run a beta for the beta. Joke har har

Jeebs3649d ago

I'm no mathematician, but wouldn't that equate to theta?

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