Ars Technica Game Review: Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Ars Technica writes: "The original Rainbow Six: Vegas was one of the best shooters on the Xbox 360. The streamlining of the trademark Rainbow strategy, alongside a tighter and more contemporary game play engine, and an excellent cover system made it a fantastic game. The first game was, of course, successful enough to guarantee a sequel. But is this a worthy successor, or an overpriced map pack?

Vegas 2 focuses on the other side of Vegas: rather than busting into casinos both open and in construction, you'll be sneaking through villas, condos, the convention center, and a variety of other lesser-known environments. Though Vegas 2 features a variety of maps from Vegas and older Rainbow titles like Raven Shield, the new maps are much more intricate: there are numerous entries to many areas, countless cross-fire vectors, and smart use of rappel and fast rope points make for a more intense, less predictable experience both online and off."

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