Game Revolution: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Game Revolution: "Condemned 2: Bloodshot is the follow-up to the most pleasantly surprising launch title for the Xbox 360, Condemned: Criminal Origins. The original game was an unexpected combination of the FPS, survival horror, and beat-'em-up genres. In it, you played as Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent tracking a serial murderer who kills, well, serial murderers. Condemned 2 picks up where the last game left off, and we quickly learn that Ethan is now living the life of a destitute alcoholic, traumatized by his experiences in the prior game. Apparently, whacking a bunch of homeless zombies over the head has taken its toll.

As an initial word of warning, if you're at all bothered by the game's cavalier and brutal attitude toward the homeless, stay away. In the world of Condemned, the line between a homeless person and a monstrous, drooling zombie is thinner than the game's plot. You will need to put your political convictions inside a canvas bag with some kittens, grab a shovel, and, well, you can imagine the rest."

+ Excellent sound design
+ A few moments of real terror
+ Brilliant use of forensic sciene
+/- Impressive but out-of-place, hand-to-hand combat system
- Loses sight of its horror roots
- A few too many standard FPS moments
- Minor frame-rate and sound hiccups

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