At $300, the 9800GTX performs nearly on par with the $600 9800GX2

"If you found yourself underwhelmed by the performance that the 9800 GX2 provided, Nvidia's new GeForce 9800 GTX could be the graphics card for you with its lower price point and single GPU...

Even though this is one of our typical early tests using drivers available at the time of testing, NVIDIA's 9800 GTX is a fantastic product - at times it's even able to perform on par with the GX2 and sometimes even better if the game isn't able to make full use of SLI technology..."

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ktr3643d ago

Why is the 8800GT there as the comparison card? It should be the 8800GTS...the 9800GTX older brother.

T_O873643d ago

PC hardware confuses me sometimes

mighty_douche3643d ago

ATI have suddenly become attractive again with the 3870 x2.

kornbeaner3643d ago

the thing is they are not using the lastest consumer drivers. When those drivers are released that should improve the performance that we have seen thus far from the 9800GTX2

thehitman3643d ago

all of these i have a crappy intel motherboard card that doesnt even have a pci express slot so I cant upgrade it to much. My idiot dad bought me a shyty business model dell idk what the hell he was thinking.

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The story is too old to be commented.