100 Reasons Fanboys Hate PlayStation

What's the first company that comes to mind when people say "overpriced hardware" or "arrogant executives?" Sony has pulled more than its share of game industry boners, and Games Radar's latest Week of Hate video calls out 100 of the most egregious. If you can't stand to see your precious PlayStation savaged thusly, sit tight. Let the Two Minutes of Hate begin!

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sonarus3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

hahaha that was pretty funny. Funnier than the 360 one imo. I completely disagree with rubber ducky though. That game isn't that bad

kevoncox3765d ago

Not funny....
Not the least. No wonder most gamers don't get laid. We are too busy making crap like this.

sonarus3765d ago

lol speak for yourself kev.

The Wood3765d ago

some of those were funny. We cant take this too seriously its just a joke with a hint of realism. Why not make fun of ourselves. LOL @ pstripple. I actually call it that sometimes, yes Im sad

jadenkorri3765d ago

I laughed and it was enjoyable, until 65, LEGEND OF DRAGOON popped up.....WTF was wrong with Dragoon...that game was great next to FF7 and Chrono Cross and you cannot hate that game.....editor should be dragged into the woods and beaten...thats if he played it....well anyways 1 out of 100 not bad.....still was funny

IntelligentAj3765d ago

There was nothing wrong with Legend of Dragoon some people just wanted to hate because it was touted as a Final Fantasy killer, similair to what happened with Killzone.

yesah3765d ago

rofl theese are always funny

crck3765d ago

But the US translation was an awful mess. Maybe thats what he's talking about. Sony ruined a perfectly good RPG with a sh!t translation.

zPlayer3765d ago

that was funny and i hate spider-man three on the ps3. it was so dang freakin glitchy. i could barely beat freakin King pin and when i got to the last boss i just had it and sent it back to gamefly. i'm so glad i didn't buy it.

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Marceles3765d ago

lol aww they put 989 on there...i dont care what anyone says, Syphon Filter, NFL Gameday up to '99 and NBA Shoot Out was fun

Grown Folks Talk3765d ago

1 & 2. 3rd wasn't the greatest. I always played GameDay & Game Breaker while my friends were still on EA's nuts.

Bonsai12143765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

they put legend of dragoon on there. wtf

and less people reported this one than the 360 one. what is the world coming to?

toughNAME3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

lol #34 still makes me laugh

EZCheez3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

That Chad Warden guy made it onto their list. Does he still post here? I actually watched one of his videos. Notice, I said one.

And kudos to them for blackballing Kotaku.

Also, am I the only one who doesn't have slow update downloads? I've never taken longer than 15 minutes from starting the download to the installation being complete.

[email protected] True. Of course, if a guys a big enough loser to make Youtube videos about his favorite console, he's probably a big enough loser to post comments on articles about his favorite console on a website. Wait. What am I saying?

Marceles3765d ago

I don't think that was the real guy haha...he was a Sony lover but the guy that was here typed to well to be the real Chad

Jamaicangmr3765d ago

#23 is misleading all PS3's play PSone games. It was funny anyway.