Six Reasons Fanboys Suck

From Mario's big butt they spring, polluting rational thought with their nonsensical psychobabble.

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Kaz Hirai3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

1- They are helping Nazisoft's EVIL quest for world dominance.
2- They STINK.
3- They CRAVE MGS4 but will NEVER have it!
4- They eat each other's DUNG.
5- They think paying for online with 640p games is acceptable.
6- They are the LOWEST on the food chain:
-Sony Soldiers
-Xbot PIGS!


Shaka2K63676d ago

Even when he got alot of hate from nitnendogs and micro xbois back in the day for years,
we dont take this internet fanboys seriously like the anti-Sony losers.

look at them they make pics like that one up there, they cleary have alot of time on their hands just to do that.

All hail king Sony !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Gam713676d ago

And thats why you two only have 1 bubble each.

InYourMom3676d ago

LOL Kaz you are such a loser you one bubble failure.

@1.1 - Your whole picture talk is just stupid when you have someone like IamPS3 who is the king of stupid fanboy pics. If anyone has extra time on their hands it's the droids and people like IamPS3 prove that. Just look at his comments.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3676d ago

Not to mention we get to play now instead of waiting, and they all look better. I know, I know some sort of RROD comment. Yeah... but when our consoles come back from repair, you will still be waiting.

Besides we have Live, gamerscore, achievements (everyone loves em) cross game chat, unified friends list, music in the background, a media rich marketplace (the largest DLC service in the world) All things you still don't have, realy want, and would never admit to. The biggest slap is we don't have to install games to the hard drive, and most of our games still fit on a DVD, and still load faster. You have a bottleneck system that caps what the PS3 could do, and you know it, and it pisses you off.

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Anything but Cute3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

"Wait till next year"

"It has potential"

"They can fix it!"

But isn't it sorta turning out to be true?

All those stupid fanboys might of had a point. We'll see.

TheTerminator3676d ago

im a sony fanboy but the picture is hilarious :D

Sez 3676d ago

#1) look at the idiot above. that speaks for itself.
#2)sonyfanboys think every game is in 640p
#3) sonyfanboy think 360 fans want sony games.but it's really sonyfanboy that want 360 games so bad.(oh ME2 and GOW3 will go multi-plat)
#4) sonyfanboy think better GRAPHIC in some areas is better than more content.(GTA4)
#5)sonyfanboy always want to blame the dev's for their bad copy of a game. when it just might be the ps3 is the real problem.
#6)when a mutli-plat game is better on the 360. sonyfanboy always want to use uncharted as an excuse that dev's are lazy.
#7) sonyfanboy think installing a game for 30mins just for 1 or 2 seconds faster loadtime is better than just putting a game in and playing it.

TheTerminator3676d ago

why you ARE a fanboy

and kaz is just joking moron

Denges3676d ago


your the number 1 reason why we call you bots

your picture should be on this news post

Sez 3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

@the terminator. you calling me a fanboy you need to look at yourself and the rest of your sonyfanboys. before you call me or anyone else one.i must have stuck a nerve for you to come and call me a moron for doing the same thing kaz did. just my list made more sense. but i'm the moron. i think you are the moron for agree with him.

you are the reason why i posted this comment. to show the mentality of sonyfanboy. you guys act like it's ok to bash the 360. but when someone talks about the ps3. you guy act like emotional b!tches. suck it up. not everyone love the ps3. just like not everyone likes the 360 or the wii. but at least i can say this about wii and 360 fanboys. we don't start b!tchen when a game doesn't go our way.(which in your case is 89% of the time).and we don't petition or send reviewer kits because a game isn't rated in our favor.

Denges3676d ago

follow what you preach vega

thankyou im here all night

wAtdaFck3676d ago

Its good to know that Vega explained the SonyFanBoy.

Anyone care to explain the XBot? Oh wait... its right under my nose *looks at certain above posts*

GETPWNT3676d ago

Nice job owning the hell out of these sad, pathetic losers, Vega. Well done.

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solar3676d ago

funny stuff.

but nothing i didnt know already.

toughNAME3676d ago

how people can be so attached to a piece of hardware...

I mean a game I can understand it has substance, a story, character development, etc. Things that entice you into loving a specific game/movie/book/.

yesah3676d ago

....your one to talk.

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