PlayTm: FlatOut Head On Review

PlayTm writes: "There was really only one thing wrong with last years FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage on the 360 and that was that you'd have had to lug around a TV and a console if you'd have wanted to play it on the move. Okay, so that's not quite true (about there only being one thing wrong with it, not about the need to lug heavy equipment around) there were a few weird physics quirks and the AI was a little on the unforgiving and elastic side for some people. But, the fact remains that it was a damn fine racing game and anyone with even a passing interest in the genre should have bought and loved it with all their gaming heart. So, now it's arrived, fully portable, on the PSP in slightly remixed FlatOut Head On flavour there is even less reason not to own a copy. Isn't life grand.

Fans of Ultimate Carnage will feel right at home as soon as they boot up Head On as the game makes little attempt to hide its parentage with a virtually identical structure to proceedings even down to the same soundtrack. Central to the game are the two main game modes, Carnage and FlatOut, the former offers a series of points based races and challenges to progress through and unlock while the latter is your more traditional tournament racing with prize money that can be spent on new cars and upgrades."

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