Direct Feed - Battlefield: Bad Company Beta Footage

5 minutes of direct feed footage of the Battlefield: Bad Company Beta from the map 'Oasis'.

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Boldy3527d ago

I only go to play 3 games before the servers went down. Never got to play on this map though.

skynidas3527d ago

The destructible environments look really awesome

Dlacy13g3527d ago

I couldnt get on yet due to the server issues but what I saw in that video has me thinking this could be really good.

mighty_douche3527d ago

Looks good right?! Still got that annoying radio voice over from Battlefield 2/2142 so that'll be turned down, but other than that, love it!

MasterChief28293527d ago

Yeah you can turn it off in the sound options, or lower it, or do whatever the hell you want :)

Lord Vader3527d ago

cool !

I cant wait 2 play after work !

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The story is too old to be commented.