GameSpy: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 PSP Review

GameSpy writes: "After two years on PSP, the Winning Eleven/Pro Evolution Soccer franchise returns for another installment. In this case, the third time isn't a total charm, and hardly a huge leap forward for the series. Sure, the core simulation-focused gameplay is intact, and the controls feel just as intuitive to play as they did in the series' 2006 PSP debut. The problem is that fundamentally, save for some wonderful additions to gameplay, it's Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 with Manchester United's scoring machine Cristiano Ronaldo slapped on the case rather than wayward Brazilian striker Adriano.

It's tough to tell if the series peaked with Winning Eleven 9 and we're starting to see the redundancy, or if this is simply a well-meaning misstep. Don't get us wrong; PES 2008 is still a fun handheld experience, and the amount of PS2-compatible data is a vast step forward for the PSP game. It's just that fundamentally, nearly everything that was right and wrong about last year's game is unchanged in PES 2008, from Master Leagues and tight gameplay to ugly visual gaffes and long load times."

-Solid core gameplay
-Some of the most extensive PS2-to-PSP data transfer seen in a handheld title

-Outside of PS2-PSP connectivity, it's PES 2007, good and bad, with different presentation

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