THX Chief Scientist:'s too late for Blu-ray

Laurie Fincham, Chief Scientist at THX, talks to Home Cinema Choice Magazine about Blu-ray's chances to become a dominant format of the future.

After HD DVDs demise the UK Magazine asked him for a comment. "Personally, I think it's too late for Blu-ray. I think consumers will only become interested in replacing DVD when HD movies becomes available on flash memory. Do we really need another spinning format?" he told the magazine.

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DarkSniper3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

Dark Sniper doesnt feel the need to convince the masses on something they already know. Place the Eye of Judgement versus anything related to the XBOX Live vision camera and you will see which one is the undisputed better product.


Shaka2K63649d ago

Eye of Judgement owns, i find it alot more interesting, fun and innovative then anything you will ever play or see on the wii.

mighty_douche3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

argh... im sure this will be brought up time and time again.

Eitherway, i want HD (true1080) now, thats why i forked out for that fancy tele and ONLY blu-ray gives it to me, especially on disc how i like it. If something else out does BR in 5 years or so, great, i'll adopt that. But until then BR has mine and everyone else' money.

Atomic3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

bluray disc cost cents to produce VS tens of dollars for flash memory

and why digital downloads are not taking over freaking DVD with standard definition these days , let alone full resolution bluray movies.

BrianC62343649d ago

What rubbish. I'm boooooooooooooored of this crap. The new law is nobody can talk about this anymore. Blu-ray won the format war. It's over. Nobody cares anymore.

godofthunder103649d ago

he has a point in a way.the reason that dvd took off was because it had a lot more to offer then vhs.for the majority of the people br doesn't offer them that much to switch over from dvds.a big percentage of the people are saying that upgrading their dvds to hd is good enough for them.
they have a lot of dvd movies that's upgraded looks just as good as br,i know it's not the same but for the majority of the people they can't even tell the difference.
br will never make the majority of dvd collectors switch to br just because it's in fans don't want to admit it but if you get a quality player and it has quality cables that upgrade dvd to hd it has a damn good pic and it's perfect for the majority of the people,and why go pay $30 to $35 for one br movie because it's in hd when you could buy 2 to 3 dvds for the same price and upgrade it to hd.

Expy3649d ago

That's why he's in the lab and not making predictions/analysis.

fenderputty3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

What the hell does a scientist know about marketing/business?!?!?

I mean really ... this whole DD thing is getting a little out of hand. We never even heard of it until HD-DVD lost. Now it's .... FEAR THE DD!

When I can store HD movies and transport them on flash drives then I will consider leaving the physical media. Until then, myself and the rest of the consumers will continue to purchase disks.

People act like the CD was whipped out by the MP3. I still see plenty of CD's in bestbuy. It's a lot easier to download and transport MP3's then it is large 9gig HD movie files as well.

The Lazy One3649d ago

I heard about it before HD-DVD lost. I heard about it well before blockbuster went blu-ray exclusive even.

fenderputty3649d ago

I'm speaking semi-rhetorically. I know people had heard of it, but no one made a big deal out of it. That is until the format war was decided. I mean seriously ... if MS was so sure that DD would be the future, why then would they support HD-DVD? Toshiba has said the same about DD too. Why is it that most of these people weren't supporting DD until BD had won?

ruibing3649d ago

Flash memory is pretty expensive to make, this was the whole reason optical gained popularity. By the time flash memory becomes even suitable for HD media, quad layer Blu Ray discs compatible with new current players and organic dyed Blu Ray discs would already be out.

The Lazy One3649d ago

To stall HD formats for long enough to get DD set up. You think if M$ put in as much money as Sony HD-DVD wouldn't still be just as big a contender?

fenderputty3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

I think that if MS put that much into HD-DVD, they would have included it with every 360. It would have taken the 360 that much longer to hit the market and at a much higher price point. Who's to even say the 360 would be doing as well as it is had MS gone this route. To top that off, if MS claimed giving people a choice for an HD-DVD addon knowing full well that it was just a stall tactic, what does that say about how MS thinks of it's customer base? It means they would have willingly sold HD-DVD addons to their customers knowing the format was going to be trashed for DD. Any way you look at it looks bad.

What about Toshiba? They've said BD had better watch out for DD as well. Funny they say this after their format gets decimated.

As I and another poster has said, if DD was so awesome, then it should have already replaced the DVD and the CD which are both much easier then a full length HD movie to store and download.

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Lucreto3649d ago

"I don't want to take up shelf space with dozens of HD movies."

He is definitely in the minority with this remark. I for one like my disks and I will probably won't change any time soon. They will need to bring out special players for old DVDs and don't forget they will have a collection of USB sticks with movies. I have for example Stargate season 1-10 and Atlantis 1-3 on 90 DVDs.

xplosneer3649d ago

Untill we can store those movies in our brain or in a spec of dust, that arguement is void.

Goodfella783649d ago

their lab rats out of their cages sometimes[lol]its a well known fact that people want and prefer phisical media for many reasons,one of the main reasons being they love to have a collection to build up and show off.peace out.....

Boldy3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

This person is not advocating DD, he wants something that will leave less clutter, and a smaller more portable format like memory cards. Read the story before commenting rather than quickly scanning through the description, and then accuse him of backing DD. He mentions movie downloads but does not really talk much about it. It's obvious that he would much rather have the memory cards.