190° : "Sony XEL-1 OLED TV Review (Verdict: Small on Size, Large on Beauty)"

Gizmodo Writes "Why is this dinky little TV so important? Its screen is roughly the size of the box that Lebowski comes in, and it costs hundreds more than the 50" plasma overshadowing it in the picture. Why so important? Because this little TV is LCD's Grim Reaper. The days of the LCD are numbered-the time of OLED is at hand. And if the performance of Sony's XEL-1 is any indication, nobody is going to miss LCD-or plasma-in the least.

Also, although everyone is demoing thinner and thinner sets in both LCD and plasma, most of the weight loss is currently on the plasma side. LCD seems to have hit some firm threshhold that, again, OLED and even plasma seem able to conquer. But at 11 inches, Sony's first production OLED is laughably small. What the hell, Sony? Way to taunt a guy. Seriously, there are major amounts of taunting happening here:"

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FirstknighT3737d ago

Seriously 11 inches for $2500??? So much for my dream of wanting a 60inch Oled anytime soon. :( Looks like I'll check out the 65inch Lazer tv coming out.

T_O873737d ago

or get the Sony Bravia XBR5 man its the greatest LCD pricey but its worth every penny

fenderputty3737d ago

the first plasma came out. I remember everyone going crazy over how cool they were. I remember 40 inch Plasmas costing around 6-10 grand. The price is no where near that now. I have a feeling that the next time I'm looking for a major TV upgrade, OLED tech will have become several times cheaper for us.

kornbeaner3737d ago


Most of the cost is R&D, $2500 for 11 inches is to steep, but there are those type of people that would spend it just so they can be one of the first to own it.

ruibing3737d ago

It's a world's first kind of thing that only the rich can boast about, but I hope they improve their fabrication techniques and starting making them larger.

xsteinbachx3736d ago

They will it's how everything is done.

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mighty_douche3737d ago

This puts me right off upgrading my TV anytime soon. I just hope sizes go UP, and prices come DOWN within a year or two.

Here's hoping... 1,000,000:1... you could get lost in those blacks.

Expy3737d ago

Did anyone see that HD-DVD? lol

Marceles3737d ago

I wish i can see a game run on it...and a bigger screen.

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